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flush lashing pot, twist locks, double stacking cone (203 mm standard center to center)" bottom stacking cone, dovetail foundations,
Boats & Ships , Cargo Ship , Tanker
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Ekaship Hardware Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2013
Business type
Trading Company
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Product name lashing material Certification -
Category Boats & Ships
Cargo Ship
Ingredients -
Keyword flush lashing pot , twist locks , double stacking cone (203 mm standard center to center)" bottom stacking cone , dovetail foundations Unit Size -
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origin China Stock -
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Ekaship Hardware limited exports lashing materials for timber vessel,container,ro/ro,etc in China.Not only exporting,Ekaship Hardware limited also is able to deliver lashing materials on board within China's ports.The materials contain dovetail twistlock,lashing rod,d ring,turnbuckle,slings,wire ropes,etc.Same as other products,the lashing materials can be approved by CCS,DNV,LR,ABS,KR,etc.

Container Semi Automatic Twist Locks
Manual Container Securing Twistlocks Left Locking
Manual Container Securing Twistlocks Right Locking
Breech Base Twistlock
Dovetail Container Securing Twistlocks
Dovetail Container Securing Twistlocks
Railroad Twistlock - Inter Box Connector - Model BD-R1
Flanged Hanging Single Stacker
Non Flanged Hanging Single Stacker
Single Flanged Non Hanging Stacking Cone
"Double Stacking Cone
(203 mm Standard Center to Center)"
Bottom Stacking Cone
Eye To Swivel Container Lashing Bars
Knob Type Container Lashing Bars
Container Turnbuckle Jaw to Knob Type
Container Turnbuckle Hook to Jaw
Raised Container Foundations
Dovetail Foundations
Flush Container Foundations
Sliding Foundations
Elongated Hole Foundations
Hatch Cover Lifting Foundations
Container Foundations for Aluminum Hulls
Breech Base Foundation
Flush Lashing Pot for Elephants Foot Fitting
Flush Half Cloverleaf Pot for Elephants Foot
Flush Cloverleaf Lashing Pot - Small
Raised Cloverleaf Lashing Plate
Half Raised Cloverleaf Lashing Pot For Elephants Feet
Raised Lashing Plate For Hooks
Crinkle Bar Lashing Point For Hooks
Flush Lashing Pot For Hooks
Flush Lashing Pot
50 Ton D Ring 
50 Ton Flush D Ring for Cargo Securing
20 Ton D Ring
20 Ton Double D Ring
D Ring with Protection Ring
D Ring for ISO Container Foundation
Dovetail Base 50 Ton D Ring
Breech Base D Ring - Cargo Securing
Lashing Plate
Tension Type Container Bridge Fittings
Automatic Fixing Cone - Container Midlock
Welding Cones - In Hold Fixed Fittings
Container Corner Castings - Container Corners


B2B Trade

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Ekaship Hardware Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2013
Business type
Trading Company


Bill Jia
F3, Block B,Thomson Center,No.188 Zhangyang Road, 200122, Lujiazui, Shanghai,China
Product Category
Anchors,Other Machinery Parts,Personal Watercraft,Transmission Belts & Chains,Used General Industrial Equipment
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction


Ekaship Hardware Ltd is China’s leading ship hardware supplier, asubsidiary of Ijin Marine Limited, leading world marine service contractor. InChina, we are the only one specialized in ship wire rope and hardware, whichmeans competitive price, better knowledge and best solution for clients. Wenever think about making money in the first place, but resolving your problems.In China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and most Asian countries, we could deliverhardware and service directly on ships in ports, shipyards and anchorages. Everyyear, we supply over 1,000 tons of ship hardware including anchor, anchorchain, wire rope, door, ladder, etc. Our chain and rope have diameters of 5mmto 220mm with class certificates of NKK, LR, DNVGL, BV, RINA, CCS, etc. Pleasedon’t hesitate to contact us if any request.

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