Syringe assembly and printing machine

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7 M-Tech Corp.

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    To comply with KS(Korean Industrial Standards) or CE mark the new syringe assembly line should be high efficient.

    MTech has a complete range of high precision and high efficient syringe assembly lines with various options such as high quality Touch screen display, Sensors for important sections, Camera inspection machines


    On average the capacity is more than 15,000pcs per hour with 2 operators only,

    meaning your high efficient production can save your production costs.


    - 1ml syringe : 15,000pcs/hour

    - 2ml, 3ml, 5ml : More than 15,000pcs/hour

    - 10ml : 13,000~15,000pcs/hour

    - 20ml : 10,000~12,000pcs/hour


    * The best quality in Korea

    * Made in Korea

    * Contacct : M-Tech Corp.

    * Webpage :
    * e-mail : sales at  






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    7 M-Tech Corp.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Mr. DR Park

    • Address

      Ojung-gu, Samjung-dong, 36-1, Bucheon Techno Ssangyong 3rd,B/D 101-1303, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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    • Company introduction


      M-Tech has been established in 2001 in Korea and dedicated to theengineering and manufacturing production machines, molds for medical devices

      such as normal syringes, Insulin syringes, pen needles and etc. Weare not only engineering company supplying production machine but also mold manufacturer.



      M-Tech is a perfect solution provider for the following machinesfrom tubes for needle to packing for finished syringes.


      - Raw materials such as Strips for SUS tube, SUS tubes for needles


      - Highquality molds (Highest quality molds at competitive prices)


      - All the production machines for tubing line


      - Needle assembly machine


      - Automatic syringe assembly machine


      - Automatic syringe printing machine


      - Automatic syringe feeding machine


      - Cannula production line


      - Pen needle assembly machine


      - Blood collection needle assembly machine


      - Blood collection tube assembly machine







    • Main Product
      • blood collection tube assembly machine

        Blood collection tube assembly machine(BCT assembly machine)

      • Insulin pen needle assembly machine

        Insulin pen needle assembly machine

      • Blister packing machine

        Blister packing machine

      • insulin syringe assembly machine

        Insulin syringe assembly machine

    • Verified Certificate CE
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