[Medi Heally] Warm Herbal Patch For unbearable menstrual cramps

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Medi Heally
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essential oil, herbs and natural remedies, pms, menstrual pain,
Home Care , Other Personal Care , Body Massagers

7 People Pie Co Ltd

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    Product name [Medi Heally] Warm Herbal Patch For unbearable menstrual cramps Certification -
    Category Home Care
    Other Personal Care
    Body Massagers
    Keyword essential oil , herbs and natural remedies , pms , menstrual pain Unit Size 105.0 * 180.0 * 18.0 mm
    Brand name Medi Heally Unit Weigh 82 g
    origin South Korea Stock 50000
    Supply type Available HS code 3824999090
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    • The original, No.1 - The very first to make warm patch for cramps, the only brand with "Essential Oil Spot" sticker and has patent for fumigation effect.


    • Aroma therapy effect - Once the special "Essential Oil Spot" sticker get removed, it emits delicate essential oil scent that includes no artificial perfume. This scent helps relieve stress, relax your mind and body.


    • Designed for women - Delivers heat therapy to the source of cramp for up to 6 hours with the 7 natural herbal ingredients that is beneficial to women.


    • Fast and effective soothing heat - Instantly heats up to an ideal, therapeutic temperature (127.4 ºF) to provide maximum cramp relief .


    • Comfortable to use, light in weight and thin - Easy - to - use heating patches with Ultra-thin design conforms to your lower abdomen and does not show. Care the toughest time of the month whenever and wherever you need to.




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    7 People Pie Co Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Boyoung Jung

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      Yangjae 1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Personal Care

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      We, Peoplepie Corp., will do our utmost to providequality goods at good price based on honesty, creativity and marketing professionalism and makeour customers feel satisfied with their pleasant, reasonable consumption.

      Creating warm and unaffected brandsthatconsider and comfort the world and customers, we will continue to try getconfidence in our brands.


      Only the products still not existing in the world but beingbeneficial to humans we will make and search for advanced technologyand companies holding technical skills, collaborating with them.


      When we are faced with inadequacy,admitting our faults without hesitation, we will double our efforts for furtherimprovement and pay careful attention to the invisible part, not only to the visible part of the world.



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    • Main Product
      • Herb Warm Patch

        [Medi Heally] Warm Herbal Patch For unbearable menstrual cramps

      • _Medi Heally_ Waist Warm Patch

        [Medi Heally] Warm Herbal Waist Patch - for stiff waist

      • _Mediheally_ Eye Warm Patch _ eye fatigue care

        [Medi Heally] Warm Herbal Eye Patch - Eye dryness care

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