Gold nose pack

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Secret A
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pack, blackhead remover, nose,
Nose & Ear Trimmer

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    3 steps nose pack

    - Removes blackheads and makes your skin clean and smooth 

    - 3 easy steps for your clean nose 

    - 1 clean 2 remove blackheads 3 tighten pores 

    - Annoying blackheads? Secret A 3 steps nose pack will take care of your pores 

    - No blackheads! No stress! 

    - Smooth and clean nose 

    - Don’t like your pores? Shrink them with secret A! 



    1 STEP  Pore cleaning effect (100% pure cotton) Melt smoothly sebum and blackhead in pore. 

    2 STEP Clear and remove effect (Nose cleansing strips) 

    3 STEP Relax and make tightening pore (Bio-Cellulose sheet) 


    *keep in refrigerate, more effective to shrink pores 







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    7 CosCorea

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Sungtaek, Lim

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      14, Gasan digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea(153-778)

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      Facial Care,Other Packaging,Other Pharmaceutical Packaging

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      We, LM Co., LTD supply qualified and authentic Korean cosmetics to global markets. We do business supplying, marketing of beauty items such as basic skin care line for daily care and functional care line using bio new material for professional purpose. And additionally, we supply color make up items and makeup tools. Our advantage is the broad range of items and available x-document support.

      3 Kinds of category are available. The first one is mask pack such as steam hair pack, facial mask, body patch and foot peeling item. The second one is functional care line developed by bio-technology for acne treatment, scalp & hair-loss problem improving cell regeneration. It is both for professional use and self-care. The last one is color makeup items which is becoming popular in Asian market recently.

      Especially, we are proud of functional care line which is adequate for professional use at derma clinics. For more details, we attach the detailed information.


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