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    South Korea South Korea

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    SuperClear Homecare 


    1. General Information

    SuperClear Homecare not only prevents water beads on glass/mirror, but also keeps the cleanliness of it, preventing the formation of water and soap spot.

    2. Characteristic

    Once you coat a mirror/glass with SuperClear Homecare and spray water on the surface, what you can see is that the water flows down. This is because the super-hydrophilic property that is on the surface of each objective makes water spread wide on the surface, which makes it flows down entirely, leaving no water spots or fog. This will allow the moisture to get closer to the surface of the objective than dust and oil, and it makes it eliminate the contanimation easily with its powerful self-cleaning property.

    3. Materials for Use

    SuperClear Homecare can be applied to shower booth, bathroom, mirror, and various glass materials such as window. Furthermore, it can be used to coat fish tank, aquarium, building glass, outer wall, camera, surveillance camera, helmet and other various areas as well.

    4. Properties and Keeping

    SuperClear Homecare is a colorless and transparent liquid with a alcohol odor. Being coated, SuperClear Homecare does not change original characteristics of the surface of each objective. Occasionally, stains can occur because of the existing foreign matter that was on the surface or wrong coating. However, stains can be removed easily just with the glass cleaner of BLUE GOLD, and you can work again. The product can be kept for 1 year indoor, with the temperature of 4 ~ 40 degrees Celsius.

    5. How to Use

    Sprinkle the product on the surface of glass/mirror that you want to protect, and just wipe it out with enclosed towel or dried cloth to make it evaporate quickly. About a minute later, pour some water on the coated area. It is highly recommended that you should clean the surface of glass/mirror before you coat it, in order to maximize the effect.

    6. Precautions

    Once the surface is coated, durability lasts more than a month or longer.

    If water spots/contamination occurs or the effect disappears, no matter what the reason is - friction, for example, - an immediate restoration is possible with going the process introduced above over again.




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    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
    • Supplier Activity

    • President

      bong hyun kim

    • Address

      Gwanak-ro, 1, Research park, SNU,3F, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

    • Product Category

      Eyewear,Eyeglasses & Lenses,Sports Eyewear,Sunglasses,Other Eyewear

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    • Company introduction


      1. Main business

         a. We research and develop on super hydrophobic & super hydrophilic technologies. 

             We are commercializing household products applied this technology. 

            - Textile and clothing water-repellent coating : TexDry

              - Glass and Building anti-pollutant coating : SuperClear

              - Premium Anti-fog cloth for glasses : Looy


      2. Company History

          a. Distribution and Market Research 2013

          b. June 2014 Established (Capital 50 million)

          c. July 2014 Investment Authority (venture capital)

          d. August 2014 in Beijing, China, 2st the world startup contest

          e. October 2014, 1st, venture day organized by IE Business school

          f. Looy has been sold over 7 million pieces globally 

    • Main Markets
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • LOOY _Premium Anti_fog Microfiber cloth for Glasses_

        LOOY (Premium Anti-fog Microfiber cloth for Glasses)

      • TexDry


      • SuperClear Homecare

        SuperClear Homecare

      • SuperClear Carcare

        SuperClear Carcare

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