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Product Thumnail Image

Metalised Glitter Powder

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glitter powder
Place of Origin
South Korea,Singapore

8 Samhan Co., Ltd.

Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 16.67%

Main products PVC Caviar Beads
Heat Transfer Sheet for PU, Metllic, Holo,etc
Reflective Sheet(Microprisim Type)
Metalised Glitter Powder

Product Information

This is made by cutting coated Polyester Film in hexagonal, Flake, Pile shape. Due to very brilliant and shiny effect, this is generally used for apparal, accessories, wall paper and many kinds of fancy products like nail-art, cosmetics, etc.
Recently the application has been widen into industrial usage like cevering of Refrigerator, Air-Conditioner and Mobile Phone, etc.



Size1/256", 1/200", 1/170", 1/128", 1/102", 1/86", 1/64", 1/51", 1/42", 1/32", 1/22", 1/10"
Shape1. Hexagon
2. Pile : 0.1mm x 2.0mm