Toe Socks with Coolmax Extreme tag

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JJJ Trading co.

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South Korea South Korea / 2010
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Trading Company
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Product Information

Toe Socks with Coolmax Extreme tag

│ Description │

Coolmax yarn was developed by Dupont USA to provide extreme outdoor athletes with ultra functional gears for the best performance in the field. There are three types of Coolmax seals according to the portion of its' consumption like Everyday(30%), Active(50%) and Extreme(more than 70%)

Our Footwear always goes with Coolmax Extreme seals to provide users with optimized conditions with our gears. Coolmax Extreme tag means Something special!! Coolmax means excellent ventilation and damp-free properties with elasticity and shape maintenance. (Coolmax Extreme 70% + Lycra 5% + Nylon 25%)

5 Toe-socks : Anatomical Interface System (AIS) is engineered to separate your toes with a thin, anti-friction membrane that is both lightweight and breathable. Seamless in construction, the tetratsok forms to every contour of your foot. This allows for true restriction free movement from your heel to five toes, encourages healthy circulation, and eliminates skin on skin contact between your toes to prevent blisters from developing.

│ Benefits of Coolmax Extreme socks │

* Keep the bacteria away and make you in best condition
* No blister and trouble in the combat boots 24 hours
* No sweat, No stink, and No trouble

│ Sort of our product (Socks) │

* Liner – Foot underwear (Put on Liner under regular socks like underwear)
* Mini crew – For running
* Crew – For running
* Golfer – For Golfer
* Trailer – For hiking, For climbing
* Regular – Regular socks (Not toe-socks)

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JJJ Trading co.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2010
Business type
Trading Company
Yunju Shin
945-4 Hansol Plaza, Youngtong-dong, Youngtong-gu, Suwon city, Korea
Product Category
Socks & Tights,Hair Accessories,Hair Extension & Wigs
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Company introduction
JJJ Trading co. was established in 2010. Oct. as Trading company.
Now we are selling Hair Wig Extensioner and Functional socks with Coolmax Extreme tag.
The Hair Wig Extensioner is an accessory of wrapping beautiful thread on Hair Wig.
And this skill of wrapping thread on just hair wig belongs to our company in the world. Nobody can make fake product of our Hair Wig Extensioner.
And this product is very unique and will touch many girls' emotions.

Functional socks with Coolmax Extreme will help the people who have feet trouble due to sweat during hard walking or extreme sports.
Coolmax is extracting the humidity(sweat) from feet within a short time.
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