Amie-sIII Ample

Amie-sIII Ample

Natural ingredients are extracted from plants does not cause skin irritation on sensitive skin.

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Facial Care
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Les Beaux Amie

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type
Verified Certificate


Product name Amie-sIII Ample Certification FDA
Category Facial Care Ingredients -
Keyword ample , korea skin care products wholesale , wrinkle care , korea cosmetic brand Unit Size 25.3 * 20.0 * 4.5 cm
Brand name - Unit Weigh 640 g
origin South Korea Stock 1000
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Product Information



Amie-sIII Ampule


 Natural ingredients are extracted from plants does not cause skin irritation on sensitive skin.
Moisture to help improve it contains 11 kinds of natural ingredients for use in the getter.
Immediate improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkle effect.
One of the best interests of women helps to improve skin wrinkles.
More youthful skin, which can feel.
Amie-sⅡ ample is using a high-quality self-developed natural ingredients extract, peptides and natural extracts passed through the filtration process is Dual functionality (whitening and anti-wrinkle) cosmetics.


 Using the has been developed extract (peptides) in Lesbeauxamie, the high quality cosmetics (double functionalality) being developed.
Lesbeauxamie is changing benefit from the nature to true women’s beauty.


* Wrinkle Reducing : High concentrated peptide, which is a functional ingredient, will penetrate into skin directly affecting muscle nerves resulting the powerful lifting of sagging and dripping skin. Effective Amie-sIII is an excellent anti-wrinkle and wrinkle preventing ampule.


* Whitening : Damaged skin becomes whitened and recovered since the ampule by suppressing the generation of pigmentaion and chromogenesis from freckles, age spots, burns, and wounds.


* Tightening : Excellent effect in anti-aging and skin tightening is brought by the ampule since it induces the synthesis of collagen that activates skin cells make your skin color brighter and they also induce the synthesis of cells.


* Texture Improvement : The ampule accelerates the growth of cells that improve skin surface and recover the damaged tissue. It soothes and improves inflammation and is very effective on acnes and atopic dermatitis.


* Moitsturizing : Amie-sIII moisturizes skins and helps to recover the skins damaged by external stimuli and ultraviolet.


* None : It is a natural product with no harmful ingredients such as parabens, steroides, methanol, artificial dyes, or heavy metals.

5ml x 24 (120ml)

Verified Certificate


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Les Beaux Amie

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2011
Business type


Kyungsoon Sohn
328,Seongbong-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Facial Care,Skin Care Serum,Skin Care Set
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Company introduction

Lesbeauxamie is a leading manufacturer of natural cosmetics, we aims to provide its customers with products that are as natural as possible.

We promise to develop and produce cosmetics that best fit human skin by applying bio-science to clean nature.

The meaning of clover on the company logo is Lesbeauxamie's corporate ideology that we will give the nature’s fortune to customer.

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