Industrial hydrogen drinking water electrolyzer

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hydrogen rich water, electrolysed water plant, water ionzer, alkaine water generator,
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MEME Enterprise

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South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Product Information

Hydrogen rich drinking water removes everything that is harmful for and alien to a human body and retains all that is useful and harmless. Our hydrogen water generator possesses excellent absorption and hydrating potential, having smaller cluster size. It reduces over-acidic conditions and increases stabilized oxygen in the human body, contributing to better digestion. The water water is slightly alkaline, has a low ORP (Oxigen Reduction, redox potential) and is rich in electrons, which makes it an antioxidant.

Research of effects of our hydrogen water indicates it is good for arthritis, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, diabetis, heartburn, chronic fatigue, indigestion, high blood pressure, leg cramps, poor circulation, migraines, nausea, obesity, osteoporosis, psoriasis, stress*.

* - Though, the water does not replace regular medical treatment,and the above listed uses are not medical advice.No result is guaranteed or predicted.


Pure clean water is paramount for good health. If we combine it with a well balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals and regular exercise, we'll be rid of acidic waste that bad eating and drinking habits form in our body. 



Application field -Alkaline hydrogen enriched drinking water 


[ Industrial Use Only ] Hydrogen water, alkaline water, hexagonal drinking water plant, Water electrolysis system, Electrolyzed water system for beverage manufacturer


1. Technical Specifications


ProductElectrolysis Machine
DimensionTBD according to the production capacity
Flushing modeSemi-automated
pH6.5~10 (adjustable as you want)
Power sourceGPS 220V x 3Ph x 50A
ControlPLC (Programmable Logic Control)
Water supply pressure2.5~3.5 Bar (inlet Pressure)
ORP(Oxidation-Reduction Potential)-500mili volt ~ -750 mili volt
Dissolved Hydrogen1,000 ppb ≤


 2. Production Flow


 Tap water ==> Filtering system (Carbon filter / RO filter etc.) ==> Water storage tank (ex. RO water) ==> OUR ELECROLYSIS MACHINE for alkaline, hydrogen water ==> Alkaline hydrogen water storage ==> FIlling machine for bottling your elecrtrolyzed water




3. Usage : For drinking water manufacturer, beverage manufacturer


4. Features

 - Supply capacity : 300 ~ 6,000 liter per hour /machine (You can choose the model you need)

 - Continuous operation : Possible (The electrolysis celle is automatically cleaned at a certain operation hour)

 - World's best ORP performance : -500~-750 mili volt following to different pH

 - pH : 6.5~10 (large pH regulation range : According to your needs, we set the required pH of customer)

 - Production in ODM : We design the machine applying the requests of customers

 - Technical maintenance, installation, engineer tranining provided at installation site if required

 - Pure water without mineral, alkaline water with minerals : All type of drinking water production possible


5. Option

 - Aluminum pouches / filling machine

 -A part from the production plant, if you require suitable pouches and filling machine in case you want to commercialize

  hydrogen water (anti-oxidant healthy water), we can seperately offer the price of each item.



6. Measured figures of pH-ORP of our hydrogen water

Our hydrogen water 



    pH 8.73 - ORP -733 mili volt



   pH 7.44 / ORP -674  mili volt



Other waters



   Tap water : pH 7.12 / ORP +351  mili volt



   Mineral Water : pH 7.26 / ORP +362 mili volt




     RO Water : pH 6.63 / ORP +396   mili volt


B2B Trade

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MEME Enterprise

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Business type


Julia SHIN
Sinwon Praza, 18-18 Jungang-ro 1gil, Seoul, Korea
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Company introduction

MEME Enterprise & Nanotech is specialized in manufacturing and commercializing water based products such as hydrogen rich drinking water and its water electrolysis machines for industrial use for drinking water.

In addition to that, we do also supply cosmetics such as skin care products made of hydrogen water.

We have driven Electrolyzed Water through the use of innovative technologies to new heights and developed various range of products that can be applied for different applications. 

Among others, we are world's N.1 in hydrogen water.

Why is hydrogen so important? 

Why people call hydrogen drink as miracle water?

It is because, when water is alkaline (neutral-weak alkaline) and hydrogen-rich, it contains a powerful antioxidant which gobbles up harmful free radicals and removes them from your system. This helps to put the brakes on ageing and mitigate damage to our cells and DNA caused by environmental pollution and our over-acidic diet. In addition to antioxidant properties, the hydrogen-rich water has smaller water clusters for better cell absorption.

This will vitalize your system and support total body health.


Nanotech is in charge of R&D, production, MEME Enterprise is involved in international business and export.


All business may be carried by OEM, ODM on demand of customer.


MEME Enterprise & Nanotech is proactively seeking international partners to promote our cutting edge technology, and distribute our products.

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