Three-dimensional magnetic stickers

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    Three-dimensional magnetic stickers


    World of dinosaur is an epoch-making learning play material which can play with worldwide children. By attaching or erecting dinosaur magnet unit on the three-d magnet background plate, let's talk about dinosaurs. Three D- magnet background plate +34kinds of magnet units which can be attached or erected. If ariati video pen is placed on the puzzles, fun children's songs and pretty animations unfold.
    * ariati pen has to be purchased separately 3 kinds (Dinosaur, Animals, Our Village)


    We magpia, are the company which is producing stationery and fancy products as well as magnetic educational products by developing many kinds of applied products based on the familiarity and curiosity of magnet for the convenience of life. We are always trying our best to develop new products, increase our quality and have a close relationship with our customers for their satisfaction based on the successful accumulation of technical know-how. magpia doing a continuous effort to make an environmentally friendly product and to pursue our customer's happly life through a completely quality control



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      South Korea South Korea
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      Yoon Hyun

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      33-14 Nongso-Gil, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Other Bathroom,Educational Toys,Whiteboards & Markers

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      Magpia manufactures various series of educational toys for the children at the age of kindergarden - to help them improve and develop creativity and curiosity - based on familiar things around them.


      Not only Magpia cares children, but Magpia is also trying to satisfy many different age groups in many different areas such as moms at home and businessmen at offices. Magpia is producing Magnetic Stationeries to be used widely at home, school and offices for a lot of purposes.


      Magpia is always trying to be the best in the industry by developing new products, increasing quality by using non-hazardous materials and maintaing good relationship with the clients for the satisfaction, based on its successfully accumulated technical know-how.

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        Three-dimensional magnetic stickers

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