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4 BnD Life health Co Ltd


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 57.14%

Main products Detergent Revolution
Giel (liquid detergent)
I-Zen Dry
Stain Remover

Product Information

I-Zen Dry


  • It contains less surfactant than other regular dry-cleaning detergent, and so forms fewer bubbles.
  • It has excellent detergency. It makes clothes as clean as at a laundry (suit. blouse, sweater, down parka)
  • It can remove water-soluble (sweat, fruit juice, tea), oily (fat, butter, cosmetics), and insoluble (blood, milk, gravy) stains at the same time.
  • Insoluble stains, which cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning, are also removed by its proteinase and lipase besides its dry-cleaning solvent.
  • The high-concentrate product provides excellent detergency even with its small amount.
  • Its sterilizing power of 99.9% permits a hygienic washing.
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