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8 B&D Life Health Co., Ltd.

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    I-Zen Dry


    • It contains less surfactant than other regular dry-cleaning detergent, and so forms fewer bubbles.
    • It has excellent detergency. It makes clothes as clean as at a laundry (suit. blouse, sweater, down parka)
    • It can remove water-soluble (sweat, fruit juice, tea), oily (fat, butter, cosmetics), and insoluble (blood, milk, gravy) stains at the same time.
    • Insoluble stains, which cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning, are also removed by its proteinase and lipase besides its dry-cleaning solvent.
    • The high-concentrate product provides excellent detergency even with its small amount.
    • Its sterilizing power of 99.9% permits a hygienic washing.
    • You can dry clean even with your bare hands thanks to its mild ingredients.
      (Ingredient : Nonionic surfactant (vegetable) )
      Its deodorizing effects remove a lingering smell from your clothes.


    *Certificate : USDA, ISO 9001, ISO14001, LOHAS

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    8 B&D Life Health Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Daniel, Lee

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      Saenggeuk-myeon,31 Saenggeuksandan-gil, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      As a leading eco-friendly household goods company, B&D Life Health Co., Ltd. is manufacturing the products certified such as “Korean LOHAS”, “Korean Eco-Mark”, and “USDA certified bio-based by United States Department of Agriculture”. And as listed on KONEX, Korean securities market, we believe our company is a reliable business partner.

      Our main products are liquid detergent(highly concentrated), multi-purpose detergent(powder), and cleaning agents. Besides, we produce a variety of house-holding(cleaning) products such as stain remover, kitchen cleaner, and bathroom cleaner.

      Our one of main product ‘Detergent Revolution’ is also powder detergent, but it has difference with other powder. First, it is multi-purpose detergent. With this product, consumer can clean the house from clothes washing to kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Second, it is made from eco-friendly ingredients, so consumer can use it comfortably anywhere in the house. It has been certified as LOHAS in Korea and have various test reports.


      Our distribution channels in Korea are sold in various channels, such as home shopping, Internet shopping, marts, and department stores. In case of Detergent Revolution, this is sold in the Republic of Korea Army.

      And also, we are producing the products by OEM for Japan and China. we are exporting eco-friendly, fabric softener and multi-purpose detergent to Japan by ODM, and we are exporting body-wash to China by ODM.



    • Main Markets
      • China China
      • Japan Japan
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Russia Russia
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Factory Information
      • B&D Life Health Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • Detergent Revolution

        Detergent Revolution

      • Stain remover

        Stain Remover

      • Giel _liquid detergent_

        Giel (liquid detergent)

      • I_Zen Dry

        I-Zen Dry

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