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South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Product name Fire Fighting Aerial Rescue Platform Certification -
Category Fire Truck Ingredients -
Keyword fire truck , aerial ladder fire truck , firefighting truck , aerial platform fire truck Unit Size 2500.0 * 4200.0 * 12546.0 mm
Brand name FST450 Unit Weigh 28500 kg
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 870530

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    1. The Aerial Ladder Platform is designed specifically for the purpose of fire fighting and rescue to enable firemen to go up over and above the other side of any obstruction. It comprises of main boom with Telescopic sections and two Articulated Booms with a cage mounted at the end of the this boom and the entire unit will be mounted onto a Heavy Duty Diesel - Engine chassis of MAN TGS 3.360 6x4, fully factory built cabin and suitable capacity PTO. The Vehicle Chassis comply as per the latest prevailing norms and chassis is left Hand drive


    2. The Aerial Ladder Platform is designed for the operational stability and structural strength based on the criteria laid in relevant EN 1777 and other related European norms and standards applicable for elevated raised platforms used for Fire Fighting and rescue operation


    3. The Aerial Platform is capable of use at any angle of elevation without any reduction of load capacity of the cage. It also rotates 360 degrees at any angle of elevation as well as below ground level subject to boom remaining clear of vehicle body and or any obstruction


    4. The appliance is compact and fast on the road and easily maneuverable in the crowded streets and around sharp corners. The overall dimensions does not exceed the limits specified

herein. Chassis power is 360 Hp


    1. The working height of the Aerial Ladder Platform is 45 mtrs (cage bottom) from the Ground and the Horizontal Working outreach is 25 metre


1.6.  A Telescopic Rescue Ladder is attached on the right hand side of the booms. The ladders is provided with sufficient width and handrails for rescue of the people at any height and angle of

operation, during rescue operation. The Ladder is engineered and manufactured according the EN1777 in terms of max distance of steps and handrail height



1.7. The Aerial Ladder Platform is electro hydraulically controlled, permitting precise and easy operations under the most difficult conditions, with ample reserve strength and stability. All

movements are automatically slowed down speed when reaching the maximum limit


1.8. Full safety interlocks is incorporated in the design so as to ensure complete safety in operations and long years of reliable and trouble free service, as far as possible the system is fail proof


1.9. The design of the A.L.P allows a very large safety margin for extreme operating and climatic conditions 0 to 50 C. The safe working loads ratings includes an allowance for the weight of water system and the reaction from the monitor jet while operation. All components are certified to work from 0° to 50°. Cage capacity is 450 kg; with monitor working the cage capacity is 300 kg


1.10. The Vehicle has a leveling system to adjust axial and transverse movement to an angle not less than 7 degrees in automatic, with an easy to switch full manual over-driving capabilities


1.11. There is a full / dual backup system for all boom movements and outrigger movement in case of failure of main system:

24V battery driven emergency pump


1.12. The Complete Movement of the ALP is computer controlled and the system is checked for interference sensitivity according to standards.  Machine is also confirm to EMC regulation


1.13. The Control system of the ALP is fully tropicalised and able to operate in a dusty and humid condition 0 to 50 C without reducing the maximum operating limits.

Machine is provided with oil cooler who automatically engage when oil temperature overcome the safety working temperature



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Business type


Dave Moon K Choi
(28101) 375, Hugi-gil, Ochang-eub, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
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Special Transportation
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Company introduction
<p>One of leading producer for high quality and innovative of fire fighting trucks and rescue / emergency vehicles and special purpose vehicles.

We are responsible design and manufacturing of FST specialty vehicles, fire fighting truck, emergency and rescue vehicles to the fire brigades and refineries, petrol and chemical industry and airport.

ADMTS is a simulation training platform that provides fire fighting commander and fire fighter and emergency responders an authentic opportunity to develop skills in command, control, mitigation and emergency communication.  We do supplied Emergency Training Solution to Commercial & Governmental Customers in National Emergency Management Agency, Korea and world-wide. 


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Bangladesh Bangladesh

Egypt Egypt

Indonesia Indonesia

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Cambodia Cambodia

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Myanmar Myanmar

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#469-5, Dureung-ri, Ochang-myon,Chungwon-gun, KR,

(28105) 274, Hugi-gil, Ochang-eub, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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