EMI Shielding Metal Spring Gasket

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    EMI Shielding Metal Spring Products



    SunKyung S.T Co., Ltd would like to introduce you 'Metal Spring Gasket'. 

    This Product uses heat treated beryllium copper and stainless steel as the main material 

    that have a great restoring force. It has a surface coated with tin, nickel, gold to prevent 

    corrosion and is designed as a spring shape aimed at excellent elasticity. This characteristic 

    allow spring gasket to fit into material tightly even though the surface of material is not

    perfectly fit. 




    ▶ ROHS Compliant 

    ▶ Excellent Elasticity

    ▶ Great Shielding Performance



    This gasket solved the shielding problem that other metallic gaskets had not been able to apply it's high 

    shielding ability. This high shielding effect of Metal Spring Gasket makes it perfect for military and 

    aerospace projects. In spite of it's great shielding effect, the price is still highly competitive, and this 

    economical aspect of the product makes it suitable for many other commercial applications as well 

    that require high shielding effect.

    ▶ Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Equipment

    ▶ Box of Communications Equipment

    ▶ Various Kinds of Equipment which needs high-shielding



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      South Korea South Korea
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      HAN, Baeg-soo

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      433-1, Suchon-ri Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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      Silicone Rubber

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      Sunkyoung S.T Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of EMI/EMC shielding conductive silicone elastomer, Absorber, Thermal pad, Silicone rubber products since 2002 in Korea.


      We have the ability to generate any products to meet customer's specifications and these are used for telecommunication, IT, medical, industrial electronic equipment, military equipment and many industrial areas.


      Sunkyoung ST offers top class service (high quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery, co-working with customers for new design, quick response) and provide services and products in demand from customers through continuous innovation and R&D development.


      Thank you for your untiring support to our company's products and we expect your constant cooperation.


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