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plastic fitting, pb fitting, polybutylene fitting, polybutylene(pb)fitting,
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    Plastic Building Materials
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    Aikang Remetech PB Plumbing System is non-toxic, odorless, and highly durable material that is recognized worldwide. It is lighter and more flexible than other plumbing system, In addition, it can be carried and installed in a narrow space. Because of its high elasticity, Aikang Remetech PB Plumbing System protects against freezing and resistance to heat.



    Fittings’ Internal Components

    The following three precision-made components are contained in each AikangRemetech fitting:

    - Retaining Cap, O-Ring, Spacer Washer, Grab Ring


    Each performs a specific function to create a joint.

    1) Retaining Cap

    The Retaining Cap is a high graded nylon. It's totally safe and highly reliable. The cap is factory fitted part to obtain the right torque and requires no further tightening. If cap becomes loose, it can be easily tighten by use of hand and no tools are required.

    2) O-Ring

    The O-Ring is made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), an elastomer which withstands high water temperatures. And it is positioned to avoid contact with any area of pipe which may have been scored by the grab ring. It is pre-lubricated for smooth and easy insertion of the pipe.

    3) Spacer Washer

    The Spacer Washer is made of mineral filled polyamide. Separates the O Ring seal from the grab ring and is designed to reduce insertion force.

    4) Grab Ring

    The grab ring is made of high grade stainless steel 316L. It has angled teeth to provide a one-way grip onto the pipe on its insertion into a fitting. This prevents extraction of the pipe from the fitting, even under forces far exceeding those that would ever be found in normal practice. The grab ring not only grip polybutene but equally holds copper pipe because of the superior hardness of the stainless steel.

    5) Support Sleeve

    Also needed complete the joint is the plastic (Noryl) or stainless steel (304) support sleeve, and must be inserted into the end of the AikangRemetech PB Pipe, which is in turn inserted into a AikangRemetech fitting. The support sleeve ensures that the pipe retains a circular section and provides a firm leading edge to the pipe for easier insertion.






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      South Korea South Korea
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      422, GIEOPDOSI-RO, JUNGANGTAP-MYEON, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Pipe Fittings,Coating & Paint,Plastic Tubes & Pipes

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    • Company introduction

      Our company is maker of PB plumbing and CPVC firefighting in South Korea. We are manufacturer and seller of PB pipe, fittings and CPVC.
      So I would like to introduce PB plumbing system and CPVC firefighting of our company to you.

      Ever since the company establishment in 1990, JEONGSAN AIKANG has maintained its position as
      the market leader in Korea's PB plumbing market for the past 30 years through vigorous
      R&D investment in product development and green technology.
      Our high qualified PB plumbing system and CPVC firefighting sprinkler system makes customers
      to recognize "JEONGSAN AIKANG" as a brand name of products in Korea. Rather than satisfying with current status,
      PB Plumbing system :
      PB is Polybutylene, a raw material of PB Pipe, is considered the best among products of petrochemistry.
      JEONGSAN AIKANG PB Plumbing system is non-toxic, odorless, and highly durable material that is recognized worldwide.
      It is lighter and more flexible than other plumbing system, In addition, it can be carried and installed in a narrow space.
      Push-fit system is very easy to Install. And PB Pipe is light. So you can reduce labor costs and freight charge.
      According to Push-Fit Fitting Standard, all JEONGSAN AIKANG product quality is controlled in tolerance range of 0.1mm.
      fitting and all parts are well-fitted and it’s a perfect use for plumbing.
      Under the condition with high temperature, JEONGSAN AIKANG PB Plumbing system has no deterioration in quality and no change no creep.

      CPVC firefighting sprinkler system :

      1)What's CPVC(Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)?
      CPVC is kind of chloride synthetic resin that marks an epoch in reinforcing thermal resistance, bar tolerance, impact resistance, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, compared to the existing PVC.

      2) Utility of CPVC
       -Sprinkler Plumbing System(for firefighting)
       -Plumbing System for Industrial Chemistry(for industrial utility)
       -Plumbing system for cold & hot water(for construction)
      *CPVC has been applied to fire fighting field, construction field and other fields since CPVC used in the USA in 1959.

      3) Characteristic of CPVC Plumbing
       -Corrosion Resistance and Hygiene
       -When CPVC is revealed to fire, Function of self-fire extinction is procured.
       -Low Rate of Friction Loss
       -Reduction of Loss of Heat and Greenhouse Gases
       -Construction and Cost Efficiency
      JEONGSAN AIKANG will become a company that aims to be on top with one step at a time.
      JEONGSAN AIKANG will not be settled with thinking, we will always move forward and take action.
      JEONGSAN AIKANG is a company that moves forward while embracing the future.

      We will not remain and satisfy with our past accomplishment and achievement.
      We will always be on our customers's side, listening to customers's every word to lead from satisfying the customers to delighting the customers.
      Together with our customers!
      Together with our global standard technology!
      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions :-)

      Thank you


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