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dust mask, mask, respiratory equipment, facial recognition mask,
Medical Consumables , Respiratory Equipment , Medical Face Mask , Nebulizer & Mask

7 Intech Co Ltd

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    Category Medical Consumables
    Respiratory Equipment
    Medical Face Mask
    Nebulizer & Mask
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    Facial recognition mask for women

    │ Description │

    Breathing mask, Zero Tech Mask
    We are committed to protecting people from contaminated air, which became an issue every year such as fine dust, dusts generated from industries and various diseases.



    │ Specification │

    Width 125 mm
    Height 105 mm
    Depth 90 mm
    Thick - mm
    Weight - g

    │ Design │

    •Can be worn as a fashion item
    •Block the contaminated air from outside to provide a fresh daily life all the time
    •Face-shaped design to improve the sealing capability
    •Select an oval structure to improve user’s comfortability in breathing while wearing a mask
    ※ Customized images and colors are optional.

    │ Mask Structure │

    Facial guard + customized filter

    │ Functionality │

    •Semi-permeable facial guard.
    •0.6 micrometer anti-dust filter.
    ※ Customized filter is optional.

    │ Exchangeable Mask │

    •Any discomfort feeling in wearing caused by pollution and bad breath can be resolved by replacing a filter.
    •Mask will remained fresh all the time by replacing a filter.

    │ Raw Materials │

    TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)
    TPR, referred to as thermoplastic rubber is a copolymer in high molecular weight combining the rubber properties (Butadiene) and plastic properties (mainly polystyrene) can be molded using a processing method same one that applied in plastic, having a similar physical property to rubber. TPR, which first widely started to disseminate under the name of Kraton by the manufacturer of chemicals and resin in the U.S., ‘Shell’, requires no a vulcanization process just like plastic; therefore, the injection and extrusion molding can be applied. Its rebound resilience, intensity and surface friction coefficient are similar to rubber. Thus, these characteristics have the advantages as follows.

    1. Processability
    •No mixing process (Premastication) required before curing process.
    •No curing process required.
    •Moldable at the common plastic processing facility without additional investment.

    2. Features
    •High tensile strength, elongation and elasticity similar to vulcanized rubber.
    •Excellent cold resistance.
    •A strong material against the most of acidic or alkali property.
    •Adjustable properties based upon the characteristics of processed product.

    3. Purpose of Uses
    •Shoe sole
    •Gaskets, Weather strip
    •Sports product
    •Pallet anti-sliding packing
    •Grip, etc.

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    7 Intech Co Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Lee Chang-sun

    • Address

      Deokjin-gu, Palgwajeong-ro,20 102-1, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Respiratory Equipment,Nebulizer & Mask

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    • Company introduction

      The corporate name, INTECH Co., Ltd. is derived from two combined words: In from Innovation and Injection, and Tech from Technology. Based upon its technology highly specialized in inserting injection, INTECH is striving for endless management innovation, as well as research and development.
      INTECH is the technology-based venture capable of leading the consumer market, particularly a new conceptual mask and gas mask based on a high level of know-how we’ve obtained and accumulated from the management innovation, and research and development.

      INTECH has successfully commercialized the filter-replaceable mask through the nation’s, as well as world’s first inserting injection.
      In addition, its related technology has been highly recognized with exceeding 10 patents on injection that have already registered or filed (as of January 2015). Therefore, INTECH is focusing on changes and innovation on the aims of the best quality through the continued research and development.

      We are committed to engaging in continued research and making an effort to become a global leading company.

      Thank you.

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