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Mobile phone shell die casting mold making factory


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mobile phone shell , die casting mold making , die casting mold making factory
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3 Shen Zhen Chuang Hong Mei Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

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Main products Mobile phone metal stamping parts supplier
Mobile phone shell die casting mold making factory
Aluminum die casting shell for consumer electronics
Mobile phone shell magnesium alloy die casting manufacturer

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     Shen Zhen Chuang Hong Mei Metal Products Co.,Ltd. is a die casting manufacturers set of die casting mold design, mold manufacturing, zinc, aluminum, alloy die casting in one. Our main technical staff have a wealth of production experience in the design and  process of die casting mold. The implementation of strict quality detection, advantageous to ensure the quality of products, on time delivery, dedicated service, preferential price, guaranteed to provide customers with high quality products. Looking for die casting manufacturers, KENOS is your most wise choice. kenos1508
     Service range: Aluminum die casting,Zinc die casting,Magnesium die casting,Zamak die casting,magnesium alloy die casting,die casting mold making,Light alloy die casting.


About Our Product:

1)material type: mainly magnesium and zinc alloy with SGS certification
2)Product tolerance: according to customer's requirement and decided by the mold
3)Main products:die casting parts,die casting accessories,die casting components, including phone shell,automotive parts,computer parts,PC parts,bicycle parts,camera parts,housing,parts,gears,diy tools,optical components,engine components,pump components,furniture,f