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South Korea South Korea / 1999
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Computer & Information Technology Service
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Product Information

Document Security™

Essential information leakage prevention SW solution

│ Description │

Document Security™ DRM solution to prevent corporate confidential information leakage through electronic document encryption, user authentication and user permission control.

│ Business Challenge │

•Steady increase in the use of electronic documents due to digitization of documents and IT advancement
•The confirmed number of illegal technology leakage activities has been showing an upward trend during the last 5 years. These illegal activities are spreading to all of world’s major industries including automobile, shipbuilding and steel etc.
•As cooperative work became essential to the business environment, the potential leakage channels and entities have diversified. Consequently, internal information leakage became more difficult to control.

│ Applications │

•Appropriate for companies and organizations holding confidential information where leakage of such information could lead to great damage
•Appropriate for companies and organizations that engage in frequent cooperation with external entities where security is essential
•Appropriate for companies and organizations that utilize centralized information management systems such as KMS, ERP, CRM and EDMS
•Appropriate for companies and organizations that must conform to information protection regulations such as personal information protection act, the electronic financial transaction act etc.

│ Key Features │

editorimg File and folder encryption
Supports mandatory (automatic) encryption, folder encryption and simple encryption functions according to security policy
editorimg Document utilization permission control
Control over document usage – read (# of allowed reading), edit, print (# of allowed printing) and decryption
Setting different permissions by user/ group and according to document class
editorimg Offline login functions
Supports operational continuity while maintaining security Supports encryption/decryption and usage authority control under special occasions, such as business trips or home working, where access to document security management server is not available
Transmits the offline usage log history to management server and automatically switches to online status at the point of return to the company


Link with work system
Provides encryption/ decryption API for a link with work system within an organization, such as groupware, electronic approval, knowledge management (KMS) and ERP system
editorimg Creating secure file for external transmission
Supports safe document distribution in cooperation environment
Supports authentication and creation of exe file with usage authority in environment where document security is not installed
editorimg Integrated record management
Supports viewing & recording behaviors of users and administrator
editorimg Management efficiency based on hierarchical management system
Provides intermediate and lower-level security manager function for increased operational efficiency

│ Optional Packages │

*Document Security PC DRM
*Document Security Server DRM
*Document Security for MAC Viewer
*Secure Web
*Secure Device
*Secure Laptop
*Cloud DRM
*Document Security for Mobile Viewer

│ Customer Benefits │

editorimg Establishing integrated internal information leakage prevention system
Provides integrated information leakage prevention system through laptop computer carrying-in/ out control, selective control of document usage by online/ offline distribution channel and blocking of important information asset leakage (file and webpage)
editorimg Ensuring confidentiality and usability of corporate information assets
Ensures confidentiality and security standard compliance for files created and stored in user’s PC
editorimg Ensuring excellent security
Powerful encryption function with AES 128bit encryption algorithm
Designation as national encrypted product (verification completed, mounted with encryption module), Good Software certification


Strengthening work productivity
Detailed control of permission by department/ user according to work characteristics and offline login function
Provides secure environment as a whole through a link with DLP product


Centralized management
Sets and manages permission by user/ group based on roles and document class
Enables identification and follow-up inspection on the statue of document usage based on the records of usage


Safe cooperation environment
In addition to document distribution between users in an organization, safe file distribution system is provided to external partners.
General/ secure documents are safely delivered to outside users for which client is not installed.
Controls various document usage permissions, such as in terms of reading count, printing (printing count), editing and period of use

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1999
Business type



Hwan Kuk, Bae
828-7, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-080 KOREA
Product Category
Agency Services,Computer & Information Technology Service,Computer & Software Agents,Computer Software
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SoftCamp products are currently used by approximately 300 clients including big major corporations in the world, financial companies, public agencies, etc.
Also, SoftCamp has a fairly high market share in Japan’s security market.
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China China

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South Korea South Korea

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