Digital Tachograph (Data Logger) XDT-1000

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8 Xenovo Co., Ltd

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    Digital Tachograph (Data Logger) XDT-1000

    │ Description │

    Tachograph (Data Logger) is a device that automatically records information about driving and traffic accidents such as driving speed, RPM, brake, GPS Location, acceleration, mileage, etc.

    It serves for various purposes such as:
    1. Safe Driving
    - Prevention of Sudden Accelerations/Brakes
    - Collection of Accidents Evidences
    - Safety Measurement for Passengers
    - Safe Driving Education References

    2. Efficient Management
    - Leading Solution for Eco-Driving (Increased Lifespan and Fuel Efficiency)
    - Efficient Bus/Truck Management
    - Wireless Data Processing via Effective Driving Record Management (USB, Wi-Fi, CDMA/GSM)
    - Real Time Management Capability

    │ Function │

    • 1. Automobile Speed Monitoring
    • 2. RPM (Revolution Per Minute) Monitoring
    • 3. Break Sensor Monitoring
    • 4. Location Tracking via GPS
    • 5. Storage of Incoming Data
    • 6. Motion/Shock Monitoring via Accelerator Sensor
    • 7. Device & Communication Error Detection

    │ Feature │

    • Time, Speed, RPM, Brake
    • Auxiliary Input Data Processing
    • Data Cycle: 1 second / Data Storage: 6 months+
    • GPS Standard
    • Driving Analysis
    • Multiple Interfaces

    │ Specification │

    Category Specification
    CPU 32bit RISC
    Memory (ROM/RAM) 4G/128K
    Display LCD 128×32 DOT
    External Memory USB disk 32GB
    Operat Voltage, Max Current DC 10~36V (free voltage) / 300mA
    Operat Temp/ Storage Temp -20℃~+80℃ / -40℃~+85℃
    Data Collection Cycle 1.0 sec (standard)
    Distance Data Range 0 ~ 9,999,999 Km
    Speed Data Range, Accuracy 0 ~ 255Km/h / ± 1Km/h
    Size 138(L) × 107(W) × 35(H)mm (On-dash)
    180(L) X 157(W) X 50(H)mm (1-DIN)
    Data Transmission Port USB, RS232, CAN / Bluetooth, Zigbee (Option)
    Wi-Fi Function o
    Rfid Function Option
    Built-in DVR Function Option
    External DVR interface o
    Buzzer o
    GPS External G-mouse type

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    8 Xenovo Co., Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Ho Soon, Choi

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      #1307, Megadong, SKnTechno-Park (Sangdaewondong 190-1), 124 Saggimaggol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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      Auto Electronics,Car Cameras & Navigation,Vehicle Equipment,Other Auto Electronics,Vehicle Repair Equipments

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    • Company introduction

      Our products include digital tachographs (data loggers), digital video recording devices and other logistics solutions. Xenovo seeks to break the convention of OEM development/production and to create new value from our experiences and know-hows for our customers.
      For the last few years, Xenovo has concluded numerous supply contracts of certified digital tachographs, and high-quality automotive DVR (CCTV). We are also trying to extend the breadth of our technology, and we also developed logistics SCCM devices.
      With digital tachograph and other peripheral automotive devices, Xenovo attempts to prepare for the age of intelligent automobiles. In order to get customer confidence and satisfaction, we will do our best in creating values based on our expertise in the automotive products, technologies, and diverse experiences.

    • Main Markets
      • South Korea South Korea
      • U.S.A U.S.A
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      Xenovo Introduction_English(150828).pdf

      Xenovo_Mobile_DVR introduction_150828.pdf

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