Ultraviolet / Infrared Compound Flame Detector

Ultraviolet / Infrared Compound Flame Detector

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fire extinguisher, flame detector, fire detector,
Heat Detector , Smoke Detector
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Changsung ACE Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
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Product name Ultraviolet / Infrared Compound Flame Detector Certification -
Category Heat Detector
Smoke Detector
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Product Information

Ultraviolet/Infrared Compound Flame Detector (explosion-proof for indoor/outdoor use)


This flame detector detects the wavelength region of infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted by the flame of fire.
This product is compact in size and therefore can be installed in small space.
This product is mainly used for a disaster prevention system to protect cultural heritage made of wood, warehouses, gyms, and industrial facilities.


  • Self-diagnosis of internal circuits
  • Improved reliability of circuits
  • Programmed to exclude the ARC region
  • Reduced possibility of malfunction by sunlight and other causes
  • Integrated monitoring (optional) – RS-485 protocol
  • Real-time monitoring of the product via RS-485 protocol
  • Accumulation of data when an abnormal thing occurs
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to various certification from EAC, CE, Russian fire safety institute, and CCC-F
  • Eco-friendliness with reduced effect from electromagnetic wave (EMI and EMC)
  • Lead wire-integrated type
  • – Easy installation
  • Compact in size and therefore can be installed in small space
  • Mainly used for cultural heritage made of wood, indoor gyms, multi-storey car parks, semiconductor equipment, and other facilities
  • Accurate detection of fire
  • – Using dual-type detection circuits using ultraviolet/infrared wave
  • Quick response to fire
  • Highly sensitive ultraviolet/infrared sensors
  • Ordinary contact output and communications circuits
  • RS-485 protocol and relay contact output




External dimensions

75mm × 58mm cylinder

Weight of main body


Detection range/ Field of view

30m / 100˚

Explosion-proof certification

By the Korea Gas Safety Corporation (Ex dⅡC T6 / IP66)


Aluminum die-casting

Operating temperature

Between -30℃ and +60℃

Operating humidity

RH 85% or less

Rated voltage

DC 24V ± 20%

Power consumption

On standby: 16mA / In operation: 24mA

LED color

Power on: Green LED / On fire: Red LED / During communication: Blue LED (blinking)

Output relay capacity

1A 30V DC, 0.5A 125V AC

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Changsung ACE Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1990
Business type



Lee Eui Yong
Yatap-dong, 151,#E-207 Bundang-Technopark, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Safety Gloves
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Company introduction


We, ChangSung ACE Industrial Co., Ltd., haveexerted a great deal of effort to a trusted company with highly sophisticatedtechnological innovation since the inception in December 1989.


We have developed enough technicalskills to be a trusted developer and manufacturer of fire detection andprevention equipment and fire detectors required to handle semiconductors,chemicals, gunpowder, and gas and of semiconductor testing equipment.


ICT of the 21st century is promising a betterfuture for humankind in every sector. First of all, advancement in informationand communications sectors and the Internet of Things (IoT) have blurred thedistinction between production, office work, and management in industrialsettings. And as convergence technology has become common, safety is now thetop priority at the sectors exposed to danger and disasters under the dominantinfluence of ICT and IoT.


We design, develop, andprovide the following products: Flame detectors using IT-based fire detectiontechnology, temperature controllers, high- and multi-temperature sensors,thermal imaging fire detection cameras, security and fire detection cameras,automatic fire extinguishing systems for semiconductor equipment whichimmediately puts out the fire in a fire prevention zone, and kitchen fireextinguishers.

We have actively venturedinto the global market and have overseas partners in the US, Japan, China,Indonesia, and the Philippines. And our newly established offices in Xian and Suzhouof China offer the best value for other global businesses in China.


Main Markets

China China

Indonesia Indonesia

Japan Japan

Philippines Philippines


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