Wi-Pl(Wireless Plug), Smart phone Wireless charger

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7 IGC Co., Ltd.

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    Smart phone wireless charger for car "Wi-Pl"



    A New Standard For Wireless Chargers wi-pl


    The best convenience(removal with one hand)


    It can be removable with one hand

    - Unlike the existing holders that require both hands for handling, it helps easily mount the smartphone with just one hand not interrupting the operation of the smartphone since it uses neodymium magnet.


    - It uses a nonskid pad and 28 neodymium magnets that are just powerful enough to make a safe and user friendly smartphone cradle of Wi-PL’s own

    A mount which allows various utilizations.

    - Glass suction type mount

    - It can be used in vehicle and on table both


    The best efficiency(best charging technology)

    1. The position guidance technology

    - Solved low charging efficient and heating which were the disadvantage of wireless charge technology

    - The position guidance technology of our own resolved the existing problem of charging efficiency that dramatically drops depending on charging positions.

    - The smartphone gets charged being automatically fixed at the most optimal position so that it provides not only the highest charging efficiency but also simultaneously worked out the thermal problem that generates heats depending on charging positions.

    2. The High efficiency of charge

    - The high efficiency of charging greater than that of the wired charger for auto-vehicles make the charging possible even with the navigation(GPS, screen) Bluetooth is used at the same time.


    The best compatibility(any smart phone & cases)

    1. Excellent compatibility with case

    - Since the wireless charging receiver is equipped inside the cover or case, the exterior remains same while being charged.

    - A variety of smartphone cases can be freely used because an insert type of receiver is used inside the cover.

    * However, it is available to only case which thickness is less than 8mm, and as the i-phone is one body type with cover receiver can be installed inside of case

    2. the best smartphone terminal compatibility

    - Its compatibility is excellent which can be used in most of new smartphone.


    The convenience of magnetic mount

    The High efficiency of charge with Exact location

    the best smartphone terminal compatibility

    Necessities of modern man

    Product appearance

    - As it is installed in smartphone cover or case, charge function can be used with no significant changes visually.

    Basic support handset

    Additional support available

    - Although we do not currently provide a receiver to be used exclusively for other handsets, you may use it by separately purchasing and setting.



    1. Stand type main-body

    2. CD slot type main-body

    3. Magnetic sticker

    4. Charging receiver

    5. Adopter for automobiles

    6. USB cable


    Product Specifications

    Charger input voltage/current: 5V/ 1.5A(MicroUSB 5PIN)

    Wireless charging output: 5V / 1A

    Wireless charging method: Qi Standard

    Wireless charger size: 12cm x 7cm x 7cm

    Input voltage of the adaptor for automobiles / Current: 12V / 2A

    Output voltage of the adaptor for automobiles / Current: 2A

    Output voltage of the wireless receiver / Current: 5V / 600~800mA

    Operation scope of the wireless charging: 8mm

    Maximum weight of the cradle for a wireless terminal: Less than 400g 



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    7 IGC Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ingyu Kim

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      GUMI_SI, KOREA 1Gongdan-Ro,Sigma vally 212 ,606

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      We produce and supply smart phone wireless charger (Brand name : WIPL)
      WIPL has several Characteristics and merit comparing to other company product
      It shall be strong benefits for disributer and end user, also it is high quality point, 
      it is the reason why so many customers make a choice with our product.
      # Characteristics
      * Convenience for mounting on the magnetic holder (we have related patent)
      * Compatible with a variety of smart phone ( for all of  International QI standard smartphone)
      * High Charging Efficiency (more than normal wire charger)


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      • (주) IGC ,
      • IGC co., Ltd.
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      • Wi_Pl_Wireless Plug__ Smart phone Wireless charger

        Wi-Pl(Wireless Plug), Smart phone Wireless charger

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