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Category Plant & Animal Oil
Olive & Sesame Oil
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 Best quality, best price. Besides corn oil, several other options available.

Processed from the fresh and assured quality corns, our Corn Oil is high on demand for providing various health benefits. Vitamin D3 crystals of Corn Oil that are dissolved give it several medicinal properties.


We can suply from one of the largest Thailand manufacturers every type of vegetable oil. This is what we can offer:


Types of oil available:

-          Corn oil

-          Sunflower oil

-          Soybean oil

-          Canola oil

-          Cotton seed oil

-          Peanut oil

-          Olive oil

-          Balsamic Vinegar

-          Coconut oil

-          Sesame oil

-          Almond oil

-          Avocado oil

-          Palm oil

-          Bended oil (a mix)


Packing available available:

-          12 x 24oc box (12 bottles of 710ml each)

-          12 x 32oc box (12 bottles of 946ml each)

-          8 x 48oc box (12 bottles of 1420ml each)

-          9 x 64oc box (9 bottles of 1893ml each)

-          6 x 96oc box (6 bottles of 2.84 liters each)

-          6 x 1galon box (6 bottles of 4.55 liters each)

-          5 galons ó 35lbs (one bottle of 22.73 liters)

-          55 galons tanks (250 liters)

-          bulk


We can supply from one container to one full vessel of these items


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  • Country

    Thailand Thailand
  • Supplier Activity

  • President

    Sanlee Snrin

  • Address

    195/3 mu 6 nu kluea bang lamung

  • Product Category

    Plant & Animal Oil,Olive & Sesame Oil

  • Company introduction

    We are an International Company base on Thailand and we deal on all kind of Edible cooking Oil and our service

    is one of the best in the world we also deliver to buyer destination and give shipment discount also with

    avoidable price for more information do contact us.Our company is an independent manufacturer and exporter of

    Edible oil products. specializing in sourcing, refining and delivering edible oil to small specialist

    companies and multi-nationals all over the world.

    1,Refined Sunflower Oil CIF Per M/T 400$
    2,Refined Soybean Oil........CIF Per M/T 450$
    3,Refined Vegetable Oil........CIF Per M/T 350$
    4,Refined Corn Oil.......CIF Per M/T 350$
    5,Refined Palm Oil.......CIF Per M/T 5400$
    6 Refined Coconut Oil.......CIFPer M/T 330$ &
    7, Oliver Oil Refined CIF Per M.T $500usd
    8 Sugar ICUMSA 45, EU 500$
    9 BEET SUGAR 320$

    Sessame Oil
    Corn Oil
    Vegetable oil
    Soya bean Oil
    Sunflower oil
    Jatropha Oil
    Crude Rapeseed oil and many more..

  • Main Markets
    • Switzerland Switzerland
    • Germany Germany
    • Denmark Denmark
    • Finland Finland
    • France France
    • Georgia Georgia
    • Hungary Hungary
    • Ireland Ireland
    • Italy Italy
    • Turkey Turkey
  • Main Product
    • Refined Sunflower Oil

      Refined Sunflower Oil

    • Refined Palm Oil For Cooking _Palm Kernel OIl CP8 _CP10

      Refined Palm Oil For Cooking /Palm Kernel OIl CP8 ,CP10

    • High Purity Refined Cooking Corn Oil For Sale

      High Purity Refined Cooking Corn Oil For Sale

    • Natural sesame oil for sale

      Natural sesame oil for sale

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