Infusion Pump (Model: INFU-Z 1000)

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infusion pump, syringe pump, infusion solution,
Medical Devices , I.V Equipments

10 ZERONE Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name Infusion Pump (Model: INFU-Z 1000) Certification CE
    Category Medical Devices
    I.V Equipments
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    Supply type - HS code 9018
    Product Information



    Infusion Pump



    Volumetric Infusion Pump

    ■ Clear, Easier and Faster
    - Touchable Keypad
    * Easy and Fast way to setup
    - Various Displays
    * FND displays numerical data clearly.
    - User Friendly and Ergonomic Design
    * Simple setup process makes user feels
    comfortable and variety display makes
    user gets complete information at one glance.
    * Proper weight & superb grip for easy carriage.

    ■ Alarm(Visual & Audio) Function.
    - Door Open
    - Air Bubble Sensing
    - Low Battery
    - Infusion Completion
    - Occlusion
    * 1:100~400 mmHg,
    5: 300~700 mmHg,
    9: 600 ~ 1 000 mmHg
    - Drop Error Sensing by Drop Sensor
    * Including Empty error
    * External Option.
    - Device Malfuntion
    * Status of equipment and Alarm.
    - Start Reminder Alarm
    * After Pause Setting Time.

    ■ Safety Function.
    - Keypad Lock - All key don't work except START and ON/OFF key.
    - Door Open.
    - Air Sensor.
    - Occlusion Sensor
    - Drop Sensor
    - Nurse Call (Option)
    *Each unit can be connected with nurse call system

    ■ Various Functions
    - Self Testing - Every time unit turns on, self testing is proceeded.
    - K.V.O (Keep Open Vein) - When the infused volume has been reached,
                flow rate turns into K.V.O rate automatically.
    - Retain Memory - Last setting value will be retained.
    - Remaining Time Display.
    - Alarm Repeat
    - Purge - Faster infusion than normal state.
    - Buzzer Level - 9 steps.
    - Titration(Changing the Flow Rate during infusion)
    - Micro / Macro Control
    - Infusion Setup - Flow rate / Infused volume / Infusion time.
    - Interface ( Communcation) - USB
    - Less Noise (Micro Stepping Motor)
    - Easy Replacement of Battery.



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    10 ZERONE Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Yang Bae, Kim

    • Address

      Ls-Ro 13,8F, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Beauty & Personal Care,Medical Devices,Surgical Equipment,I.V Equipments

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    • Company introduction

      For Your Reliable Surgery! 


      We promise the best competitiveness aimed at customer satisfaction.


      ZERONE was established in 2001 and we are a medical equipment manufacturer specializing in research and development.

      We produce our product with optimum manufacturing system under strict quality control and export to more than 80 countries.

      We are striving to improve quality and acquired ISO 13485 as a Quality Management System through continuous investment in R&D.

      Also we got GMP(KFDA) and CE certificate to supply with the most reliable products to customers.

      We aim for customer satisfaction by actively responding to various customers’ needs. 

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      • Armenia Armenia
      • Bangladesh Bangladesh
      • Chile Chile
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      • Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
      • Algeria Algeria
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    • Factory Information
      • ZERONE
    • Main Product
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        Disposable Laparoscopic trocar

      • Infusion Pump _Model_ INFU_Z 1000_

        Infusion Pump (Model: INFU-Z 1000)

      • Ultrasonic Surgical Unit _Model_ ULTRA_Z_

        Ultrasonic Surgical Unit (Model: ULTRA-Z)

      • Electrosurgical Unit _Model_ ZEUS VISION_

        Electrosurgical Unit (Model: ZEUS VISION)

    • Verified Certificate CE
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