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Bath Supplies , Essential Oil
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Natural Detox Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
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Category Bath Supplies
Essential Oil
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Product Information


│ Product information │

This is helpful to a nervous tranquility, the restraining of appetite and the elasticity of body tissues.
Besides that, it can be useful to the controlling of obesity as the usage for pushing out some toxin.

│ Directions │

1. the steam inhalation
* You pour the hot water in the basin and you shed 2-5 drops of blending oil in the hot water in the basin and you inhale the steam through your nose with the basin between the head wrapped with a towel. And you inhale its steam for around 5 minutes with eyes closed and especially it is very effective to ozena or rhinitis.

2.The inhaling of steam.
This is the way you shed 2-3 drops on the handkerchief or the tissue and then inhale Aroma incense directly. Also, you hang an aroma necklace around your neck in order to inhale it whenever you need. It is of much help when you study, concentrate on the work and relax your stress.

3. The usage of a lamp expansion
After you fill water in the Aroma Lamp dish, and then you shed 5~10 drops of Aroma on it, you will heat it under from the candle.

4. The wet compress pak
You would prepare hot water(1L) in the basin and drop (10~15)drops on it, and stirring with each other. After that, you dip gauze into it and then squeeze it tightly, and apply the hot pak on the painful part for half an hour. This is very helpful to soften muscles and detoxicate the body.

5. The way of taking a bath
We take a bath after 5~10 drops of blending oil are stirred with dairy products 20ML(milk, honey, fresh cream and alcohol) in the tub. After around 15minutes you must not put soap on your body. Without stirring them, you will get the skin spot on your body. It will be effective on a foot bath or a sits-bath. In case of sits-bath, the blending oil must be used in amount of half of it.

6. The way of massage
You take massage with 100ML carrier oil stirred with 2-drops of blending oil.

7.The way of spray
It can be sprayed in the air, diluted with the distilled water(100ML+10 drops).
This can be of help to diversion as well as killing a harmful jerms in the air and eliminating a various stinks. A few drops on a kitchen board, a pillow and a cushion will be effective to steril

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Natural Detox Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Business type


Mirahn Yang
Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Bath Supplies,Essential Oil
Year Established
Company introduction


CEO Message

The cradle of applied science on natural materials.

Detox company is trying to make every effort to conduct the most effective research and study for a korean physical trait. We are cooperating with up-dated professionals and other famous research institutions. This natural detox is going to keep your family healthy together with Switzerland's and Netherland's bio-medical institutions.



The purpose of foundation


This is to aim at educating a specialist of health management
who manage healthy life and contribute himself/herself to its society.
We are trying to keep a clean society through a goodhealth management by perceiving the poisonous life around us caused by the environmental pollution.


We are trying to do our best in preventing incurable disease by enhancing a natural healing of our body.


We founded this association with an aim of developing Korean national detox. Through a systematic education, We are trying to act as a guide for the promotion of people's health and prevention of disease. Moreover, we are trying to provide systematic research for alternative medicals, along with training the specialists of alternative medicals.


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