Solar Power Generator System for 10~50KW

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Solar Energy System

14 Wonjin Aluminium Co., Ltd.

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    Photovoltaic Power Generation



    The photovoltaic Power system convert solar energy to the eletrical energy

    and supply electricity to buildings(residence, office, factory) for energy savings.



    Easy to be installed with no mechanical mountings, repair & maintenance is almost

    necessary and semi-permanent renewable system with very high reliability.

    The photovoltaic Power system is eco-friendly owing to being free of environmental





    Model :  10~50KW solar energy system  

    Product Application: residential area /community area/  outdoor working 

    Product Features:
    >Output power:AC 10~50KW
    >Voltage :DC12V +AC220V OR 110V  10±V%


    * WONJIN service


    - Consulting               /      - Costomization    /         - Design


    - Integaration             /      - Training               /         - Maintenance


    - Monitoring System


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    14 Wonjin Aluminium Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      774-1 Yongam-ri, Wanju_Gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

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      As a global corporate citizen, WONJIN ALUMINIUM believes that honesty and acting right, open mindedness and steady self-development with progressive thinking, and mutual respect are important value to be considered.

      WONJIN ALUMINIUM is doing his best for clients and partners with the passion for development of technology
      WONJIN ALUMINIUM, as a company thinking about human beings and environment, make every effort to develop new technology and perform all the promises with clients sincerely to achieve best results and to become a leading company with top quality products to be proud of.

      All employees of WONJIN ALUMINIUM are born again to pursue future value through action-oriented management for clients and partners.

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