activation and cracked GM GDS2 Tech2win software for GM MD

activation and cracked GM GDS2 Tech2win software for GM MD

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Vippro Tech co.,ltd

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China China / 2005
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Product name activation and cracked GM GDS2 Tech2win software for GM MD Certification -
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When you run Tech2Win software, show "tech2win licence expired error", how to fix it?  we offer cracked GM Tech2win software for GM MDI tech3 interface, you can get the activation tech2win software without license limitation.

Cracked GM Tech2win software for GM MDI software activation


when you install tech2win software, and try to update or run tech2win software, your license has expired on GM MDI tech2win software, show: "e667481 your license has expired or does not exist, following error picture:

1 solution:  if tech2win'license has expired, you need renew it, If you have TIS2web you should have a security icon you can click on.. Make sure tech2win is running in the background, just click ok at the E667481 error, you don't even need the MDI plugged in for this either.. Once you follow the prompts thru the security process you'll have another 30 days.

2 solution: If you don't have TIS2Web, you also can modify the system time, attempt to get the new license.

3 solution:  you can crack the tech2win software, or install cracked version tech2win software, the tech2win software remove license limitation, and which does not check the bin against a whitelist. It will try and run any GM tech2 bins file, We offer third soution, and sell cracked tech2win software. you can free add any tech2 bins file to tech2win software, we also free supply all tech2 bins file download link:

China 1 /China 2 bin file:V33.003    
GM NAO bin file:V33.004    
Holden bin file:V157.000
Holden Export: V149.000
Opel GT Chevrolet HHR:V30.004
Opel/Vauxhall: V166.00
Saab NAO:  V9.250  
Saturn Astra: V31.001....   

tech2win software show:

you also can get the GM GDS 2 and  MDI Manager for GM MDI interface.


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Vippro Tech co.,ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2005
Business type
Trading Company


minzhi street
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