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    Mi-CelF®   Microcellular PU Foam Tape Sheet

    MAINELECOM'S  Mi-CelF®  is the registered trade name which  is microcellular polyurethane foam tape, feature a unique cell structure with high levels of density, minuteness and uniformity.  AS a  casted foam directly on the very thin layer of PET fim with adhesive, according to the applications, can be provide different types of products, soft  or  hard type, slow or fast rebound type  and low or high density type.  The thickness of foam layer can be relatevely increased due to very thin film use.   Mi-CelF®  can contribute to the flexibility improvement and  cost reduction due to unnecessary  seperate tape-laminating process  because of foam and very thin film based pressure sensitive adhesive tape rolled into one, and no need seperate tape-laminating process.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      IL KU YUN

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      Electrical Components & Telecoms

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      Since its founding in 2001, MAINELECOM has achieved remarkable growth by ‘Sincerity from small beginnings, the utmost effort on everything & Satisfaction on the result’. MAINELECOM has been enjoying their status as a leader over the past 10 years.

      Meanwhile, MAINELECOM has had to face a series of crises due to rapidly evolving technologies and a paradigm shift in the industry; however, MAINELECOM’s constant innovation and challenging spirit have enabled them to find new opportunities in such times of crisis.

      Since MAINELECOM was always one step ahead of their competitors in the new competition by providing EMC Total Solution, their innovative products have enabled MAINELECOM to become firmly positioned as a premium class manufacturer. In addition, MAINELECOM has strategically released differentiated products in overseas markets such Europe and China in order to strengthen their market share.


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