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14 InBody Co.,Ltd.

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    InBody770, The Premium Solution for Your Health



    ◇ Visualize what's inside of your body


     The InBody Test clearly visualizes the body's internal change. Weight alone does not accurately reflect the effects of an individual's nutritional status. However, the InBody test can accurately reveal the changes of the body. For example, increased Skeletal Muscle Mass and Percent Body Fat indicate a positive change in the body. Measuring Extracellular Water Ratio and maintaining it in the normal range is also beneficial for the body.
    The graph above details the changes in a man who had about half a year of wellorganized nutritional supplements and workout plans after a surgery. The InBody Test indicates a positive change in his body.



    ◇ Accuracy


    The InBody has a 98.4% correlation with DEXA, a gold standard method in body composition analysis, and the InBody's own technology hold patents in various countries around the world.



    ◇ Technology


    1) DSM-BIA (Direct Segmental Measurement)

    One of the assumptions generally taken in BIA is that the measure body is one cylinder. The InBody uses
    direct segmental measurement bioelectric impedance analysis (DSM-BIA), a patented technology, to precisely
    measure the body as 5 separate cylinders: four limbs and the trunk.


    2) SMF-BIA (Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

    The shift of body composition and the change in water distribution of the body causes inaccurate measurements when the body composition was analyzed by former technology. InBody with its exclusive technology overcomes this limitation by flowing the multi-frequencies instantly at the same time. The innovative technology called SMF-BIA which guarantees high accuracy of measurement is proudly introduced by the InBody770 with its new generation.


    3) 8-Point Tactile Electrodes With Thumb Electrodes

    Exclusive Tetra-polar 8-point electrodes allow measurements to repeatedly start at a fixed point – regardless of
    where electrodes are placed – to increase accuracy and reproducibility. 


    4) No Use of Empirical Estimations

    Conventional BIA devices factor in empirical estimations such as body type, age, and gender into
    their results. The InBody only uses impedance directly acquired from each subject to allow the
    InBody to provide accurate, personalized results.




    ◇ User-Interface


    - Voice Guidance

    - Body Composition History Graph

    - Result Sheet Customization

    - Wi-Fi

    - Bluetooth

    - Optional Products: Lookin'Body Software, BSM series (Stadiometer), BPBIO series (Blood Pressure Monitor)


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    14 InBody Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      CHA, KI-CHUL

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      Eonju-ro, 625,InBody Bldg., Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Health Care Products

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      InBody Co., Ltd. which was established in1996 has continuously raised its market share on body composition analyzer. In2000, InBody established its first overseas subsidiary in the United States.InBody also established subsidiaries in Japan and China. As going out toworldwide, InBody has been trying to spread the importance of knowing your bodycomposition as opposed to simply monitoring your weight. Today, InBody hasexclusive competitiveness in the field of body composition analysis.


      Currently, InBody is not only developingbody composition analyzers but also putting much effort in automatic bloodpressure monitors, stadiometers, and data management program. With these productsand global network of partners in over 83 countries, InBody is moving forwardto be the global healthcare company.


      InBody will always follow the motto “MakesLife Better” for everyone in the world.

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