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14 InBody Co.,Ltd.

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    Category Other Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment
    Other Health Care Products
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    Keyword body composition analyzer , body fat analyzer , body fat and water scale Unit Size 356.0 * 843.0 * 984.0 mm
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    InBody230, For Convenient Use




    * The most ideal and convenient system for health care
    * The revolutionary technology in BIA has created a new standard
    * Leading novel technology provides the accurate results you can trust
    - Body Composition
    - Obesity Diagnosis: BMI, Percent Body Fat, WHR
    - Segmental Analysis for Fat and Lean Mass
    - Guidance for weight management
    - Exercise planner for effective exercise 

    *Advanced design and features to fulfill your needs
    - Easy to carry and install
    - Easy to operate
    - Easy to transfer the results through a USB memory stick
    - Useful accessories and much more


    * Available Options


     [Lookin'Body Software]

    - Manage all clients’ results at your fingertip
    InBody230 comes with a perfect solution to organize all personal results in your own computer.


    [Thermal Printer]

    - A small and handy printer can be attached to the InBody230.


    [InBody Bag]

    - Specially designed bag helps to store and carry InBody230.



    - A solution to connect InBody with more than one compatible device.




    Providing Detailed Information You Can Use


    <To monitor the body composition at a glance>
    With the shape of the weight/skeletal muscle mass/body fat mass graphs on the results sheet, you can
    easily check the current state body composition and body shape. 

    <To get accurate obesity diagnosis>
    No longer be misguided by weight alone. Utilizing both BMI and Percentage of Body Fat (PBF), you can
    more accurately discover underweight and overweight obesity by considering muscle and fat values,
    rather than just total body weight. 

    <To monitor direct changes in muscle mass in each part of the body>
    When pursuing a training or weight loss program, the segmental lean analysis becomes imperative by
    showing if muscle mass has developed or decreased in each arm, leg and the trunk. The InBody230 provides
    validation that the program works for each individual.




    ◇ Accuracy


    Correlation study with DEXA shows that InBody is highly accurate (r=0.974).
    InBody is the only body composition analyzer which offers the high correlation coefficient near 0.98 comparing with DEXA.



    ◇ Technology


    [Direct Segmental Measurement]
    InBody’s segmental analysis method is world widely patented technology. It makes measurements absolutely accurate by producing impedance values for each different segment: 4 limbs and trunk.
    • Accurate impedance measurement of trunk is the key to bioimpedance technology.
    • No population specific statistics(empirical factors) are used in calculation.


    [8-Point Tactile Electrode System]

    It has enhanced accuracy by fixing the measuring region.
    • The fixed measurement starting points of the body guarantee high reproducibility.
    • It also minimizes error rates due to different placement of electrodes in hands and feet.


    [No Use of Empirical Estimation]

    With direct segmental measurement and 8-point tactile electrode method, the InBody does not need empirical factors in calculation.
    • High accuracy is guaranteed by precise assessment of the trunk.
    • All the data solely depends on the measurements, not relying on gender or age.

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    14 InBody Co.,Ltd.

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      CHA, KI-CHUL

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      Eonju-ro, 625,InBody Bldg., Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Other Health Care Products

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      InBody Co., Ltd. which was established in1996 has continuously raised its market share on body composition analyzer. In2000, InBody established its first overseas subsidiary in the United States.InBody also established subsidiaries in Japan and China. As going out toworldwide, InBody has been trying to spread the importance of knowing your bodycomposition as opposed to simply monitoring your weight. Today, InBody hasexclusive competitiveness in the field of body composition analysis.


      Currently, InBody is not only developingbody composition analyzers but also putting much effort in automatic bloodpressure monitors, stadiometers, and data management program. With these productsand global network of partners in over 83 countries, InBody is moving forwardto be the global healthcare company.


      InBody will always follow the motto “MakesLife Better” for everyone in the world.

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