Pipe tracing heating cable , car seat heater, heating cable

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heating cable, seat heater, self regulating heating cable, pipe tracing heat,
Other Electronic Components , Car Seats & Accessories , Heat Insulation Materials

7 ACD Co.,Ltd.

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    Product name Pipe tracing heating cable , car seat heater, heating cable Certification -
    Category Other Electronic Components
    Car Seats & Accessories
    Heat Insulation Materials
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     ▶ Self-regulating heating cable

        TAIHAN self-regulating cable is fit to the industry building as wll as home apliance like water-pipe line to prevent

        frozen,  keep temperature constantly. 



          ● High- heat efficiency :

              It's controls temperature by self according to ambient temperature.

          ● Utilized without limitation circuit length.

          ● compensate against  fire even if overlaped between cable and cable.

          ● outier power : 16watt/m, 24watt/m, 30watt/m

          ● conductor : AWG16

          ● Rated voltage : 110~240V


      -. Appliance

          ● Factory , Equiment need to keep temperature.water-pipe line, building equipments, etc.


    ▶ Company introduction

        Our company manufactures seat heater for 12V, 24V, 48V(for golf car) and Wire harness for aftermarket and also

        makes anti-frozen heating system using self-regulating heating cable from TAIHAN.

        we are also authrized delar from TAIHAN regarding as self-regulating heating cable.














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    7 ACD Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Eumbong-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Other Electronic Components,Wires & Cables,Electric Heaters,Car Seats & Accessories,Heat Insulation Materials

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    • Company introduction

      Our company that has lots of experience about heating system for automotive and industry was established 1 year ago in south korea. we have been making seat heater to fit 12V(passenger car), 24V(commercial car), 48V(golf cart) with lots of experience to develop seat heater system for OEM in south korea.we are expert to design to consider worst case and make seat heater system for automotive. Also,we make ventilaton seat heater system for USA after-market. 

      In the field of industry, especially, we have been manufacturing anti-frozen heating system with self regulating heating cable for water-pipe line to prevent frozen during winter season. recently, we start to business to sell self regulating heating cable as a raw-material from TAIHAN ELECTRIC Co.,Ltd.we are authrized dealer from TAIHAN.

      if you give us chance, we will help you to make good business with your customers with our good quality.

      Don't hesite contact us.



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      • self regulating heating cable

        Pipe tracing heating cable , car seat heater, heating cable

      • self regulating heating cable

        Heating kit Assembly

      • seat heater _ Wiring harness

        seat heater , Wiring harness, Ventilatin seat

      • autodoor safety sensor cable for automotive

        autodoor safety sensor cable for automotive

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