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Kyochon RED Series

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Place of Origin
South Korea

10 Kyochon F&B Co., Ltd.


Country South Korea South Korea

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Product Information

Kyochon RED Series Experience the Kyochon Red Series


P100% domestic red pepper.
Red pepper has plenty of vitamins and cancer preventable

* Kyochon Red Pepper Sauce
Kyochon Red Sauce contains the natural taste of sunbeam.

Like pure natural! Like shining sunbeam. kyochon Red Sauce tastes deeper.
Like pure natural! Kyochon ONLY use domestic red pepper to make Kyochon Red Sauce.
Because of weather, sunbeam, and wind, kyochon red sauce makes little bit different tastes every season.
This is the reason why kyochon uses 100% domestic red pepper instead of use artificial capsaicin.
Experience kyochon red sauce which has fascinating taste.


Kyochon Red Combo
Unforgettable hot & sweet sauce on the wing and drumstick


  • Ingredients : Wing, Drumstick, Soy sauce, Pepper, Garlic, Honey