Room Spray

Room Spray

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South Korea
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Parfum De Grasse
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air diffuser, air freshener, home fragrance, room spray
Deodorant & Antiperspirant , Perfume , Air Fresheners , Gift Sets , Other Daily Chemicals
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Su Design Co.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Product name Room Spray Certification -
Category Deodorant & Antiperspirant
Air Fresheners
Gift Sets
Other Daily Chemicals
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Keyword air diffuser , air freshener , home fragrance , room spray Unit Size 45.0 * 45.0 * 164.0 mm
Brand name Parfum De Grasse Unit Weigh 170 g
origin South Korea Stock -
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Product Information

Room Spray

│ Room Spray of Parfum de Grasse │

This product removes unpleasant smell quickly and add a refreshing scent in order to create a pleasant space. You can give a refreshing feel by spraying this product in an entire room. You can spray it two or three times in your desired space at your desired time. You can use it after cooking or cleaning. You can also use this product to refresh yourself or prepare for your guest’s visit. The period to maintain the scent is subject to change depending on the location and environment.
It contains concentrate fragrance 12~15%. it keeps a fragrance long lasting for 1~2days.
And there are a fragrances over 100kinds.

│ About Ingredients of Parfum de Grasse │

Only eco-friendly and mild ingredients are used in the products of Parfum de Grasse. In particular, these ingredients are harmless to human body. Most of the alcohols used in the commercial diffuser products are either anhydrous ethanol or denatured alcohol. Anhydrous ethanol usually causes skin troubles or disgusting odors because benzene and sulfuric acid remain. Also, denaturant used in denatured alcohol typically utilizes methanol. On that account, it causes filthy odors and headache. More importantly, when it is in contact with skin or eyeball, it causes serious damage to cornea.
Hence, the ethanol used in the diffuser of Parfum de Grasse is Korea’s pure fermented alcohol that is more than drinkable. That is, only the ingredients approved for eating and drinking are utilized in the products of Parfum de Grasse in preparation for such accidents as skin contact and drinking. Korea’s fermented alcohol is produced only with such pure plants as rice, barley, brown rice and tapioca. In other words, those genetically modified crops such as corn, soybean and wheat are never used in producing Korea’s fermented alcohol. Korea’s most prominent alcoholic beverage, ‘Soju’, is also produced from fermented alcohol. More than 98 percent of the commercial products use either anhydrous ethanol or denatured alcohol as a primary solvent. In contrast, the products of Parfum de Grasse use only Korea’s pure fermented alcohol that is truly drinkable.

│ Fragrances of Parfum de Grasse │

We produce custom made products through the exclusive contract with 7 world-renowned fragrance makers, including the fragrance maker with 235 years of history from Grasse of France and the American fragrance maker with more than 100 years of history. That is, we are researching and developing fragrances through the exclusive contract with the aforementioned fragrance makers that have excellent know-how and quality from their long history. All of our fragrance products are designed to achieve the highest grade called ‘fine fragrance’, which can only be granted to a top-class fragrance product. Furthermore, all of our fragrance products use only phthalate-free fragrances that are safe to humans. In regard to the concentration level of the concentrate fragrances of Parfum de Grasse, the quantity of solvent for diluting fragrances is less than 0 to 20 percent. That is to say, these are a highly concentrated fragrance to such an extent that the competing companies cannot match. Therefore, our fragrance products have an unprecedentedly high degree of fragrance continuity and intensity even on the global stage.

In addition, the fragrances of Parfum de Grasse have a high ratio of natural fragrance.
Most of the fragrances used in the commercial air fresheners are produced only with the synthetic fragrances extracted from petrochemical materials. Thus, they have a low level of customer satisfaction for savor.
Furthermore, they cause headache even when people inhale for a short time. In contrast, the fragrances of Parfum de Grasse have a substantially higher ratio of the isolated fragrance extracted from natural ingredients and the natural fragrances obtained from flowers, leaves, stems, roots and branches by such methods as distillation, extraction and compression. On that account, they have rich savor. Also, they never cause headache even though people inhale them for a long time or the intensity of scent is high. Hence, these fragrances have a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Su Design Co.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Business type



Yeon-Su Kim
B-1414 Woolim Lions Valley 2Cha,146-8 Sangdaewon 1-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Air Fresheners,Candles & Holders,Other Bath Supplies,Perfume
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction
Su Design, located in Gyeonggi Province near Seoul, plans and produces cosmetic and fragrance products.

Su Design now has exclusive contracts with the 7 world-renowned fragrance producers from the United States and France. Hence, the company is currently conducting world-class research on fragrance products in collaboration with the aforementioned 7 fragrance producers. Furthermore, the company is currently their exclusive distributor.

Su Design’s professional perfumer and cosmetic experts plan, research and develop cosmetic and fragrance products on the basis of “scent” as the main concept. To this end, they utilize the finest perfumes from the United States and France.

Su Design finally launched its own fragrance product brand called “Parfum De Grasse” on the basis of the knowhow and experience of planning and supplying the products of many leading domestic and overseas companies in the last 10 years.

Parfum De Grasse products are truly highest-quality cosmetic and fragrance products because they utilize the ingredients that are harmless to humans and the environment. Parfum De Grasse products are also in accord with the global trend of “healing”. That is, Parfum De Grasse presents the fragrance products that can heal people by means of fragrance.

Su Design’s Parfum De Grasse product division has so far developed a variety of products and designs for its main consumption areas and consumer groups. Also, it currently owns more than 200 unique fragrances.

Su Design’s Parfum De Grasse product division has accumulated the data of best-selling products in each market segment through the company’s experience as an OEM and ODM in the last 10 years. As a result, it successfully introduced the products having a high repurchase rate based on this data. Indeed, Su Design’s Parfum De Grasse product division is having great success in the domestic market as well as the Japanese market.
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Su Design

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