Outdoor Lantern (D-SS8015)

Outdoor Lantern (D-SS8015)

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outdoor light, outdoor lantern, fishing lantern,
Outdoor Lighting , Fishing , Portable Lighting
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Seoul Adcom Co.

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South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Category Outdoor Lighting
Portable Lighting
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Product Information

Outdoor Lantern (D-SS8015)


D'Light is the cutting edge multi functional lantern developed based on the best core technology of Sangsoo Corporation with over 30 years of history.
With 30 highest quality LED light bulbs that create strong light and patented special lens to minimize glare, keeping one in the car will act as the emergency warning triangle and also as a warning light for accidents that can happen outdoors. Also, it has the function of notifying fish bites even when one is away from the fishing rod.

  1. Samsung or LG lithium battery
    - The batteries in D'Light are either Samsung or LG manufactured, for long term use after a single charging session.

  2. Special protective circuit for overcharge, overdischarge, or overcurrent
    -D'Light is a KC authorized safe product which has been approved in the fields of safety, health, environment, and quality

  3. Maintenance of high efficiency with a special protective circuit of D'Light
    - D'Light is a highly efficient product with minimized natural discharge of battery through the use of special protective circuit

  4. D'Light special Lens + LED
    - It consists of 13 white LED with 1500 brightness and 6 red LED with 1300 brightness for the maximization of flickering function, which led to the patent acquisition with the new technology which minimized visual hindrance while maintaining strong LED light.

  5. Installation of cutting edge multi functions
    - It is equipped with various cutting edge functions such as lantern function, substitution for emergency warning triangle in case of car breakdown, wireless alert for fishing, mobile phone charging function, etc. (differs depending on model)

D'Light of Sangsoo Corporation consists of strong LED light which can be detected 1km away at night, and its lens developed based on patented technology keeps light strong yet minimizes glare. The angle of the headlamp can be adjusted from 0 to 180 degrees, which means that it can be used for any situation at any location by providing light a the optimal angle.


  1. Use as emergency warning triangle in case of car breakdown
    - When driving on the highway, especially at night when the car breaks down or when there is an accident, it is required for one to install the emergency warning triangle 200m from the accident. In case of secondary accidents that occur following non-installation of the triangle, not only will the party be responsible for 30% of human or physical damage, not to mention being charged a fine. (Road Traffic Act no. 66, 67) Installing the D'Light for its emergency warning triangle function on the roof of the vehicle with the flickering light turned on will make it possible to detect the light from 1,000m away, which will prevent secondary accidents and free one from legal responsibility.

  2. Basic lantern function and emergency alert function
    - The strong LED light with 1500 brightness will reach the eyes giving comfort as it passes through the special patented lens of Sangsoo Corporation. It can be used as general lantern, and its flickering warning light function can be used for camping, hiking, or in emergencies for up to 70 hours continuously. Rescue signals can reach up to 1,000m distance at night. (Depends on models)

  3. Alerting light for fishing
    - When using the D'Light wireless sensor rack for fishing, the sensor detects the movement of the fishing rod immediately after the fish bites, and the light is turned on to secure the field of vision. The distance between the lantern and sensor is 10m maximum and it operates without wire, leading to free activity away from the fishing rod.


  • Free angle adjustment of headlamp
  • Power supply available using the cigar jack of vehicle
  • Magnet makes attachment on car roof possible
  • Use in place of emergency warning triangle with flickering effect
  • Varied power supply method


Small sized lantern with upgraded portability!
This is a high quality item with the advantages of small size enhanced, and embedded batteries for portability. It can be easily recharged with the 220V adapter for convenient use. It can be used as general lantern, as alarm during emergencies, and in place of emergency warning triangle in case of car accidents.
Also, it is a highly functional product which can double as mobile phone recharger when connected to the mobile phone connection gender.


  • Functions : Flashlight, Emergency warning triangle, Mobile phone charger
  • Available Colors : Yellow, Red, black
  • Size : W140 X H150 X D100(mm)
  • Charging : Embedded battery, Cigar Jack

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Seoul Adcom Co.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
Business type


Seokkyun Choi
17, Deokpungnam-ro, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
LED Lighting,Lighting Accessories,Portable Lighting
Year Established
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