Sweet Potato Cheese Sticks

Sweet Potato Cheese Sticks

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cheese, fast food, frozen food, sweet potato,
Frozen & Dried Food , Snacks , Cheese & Yogurt , Other Instant Food

DK Foods Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1997
Business type
Trading Company
Product name Sweet Potato Cheese Sticks Certification -
Category Frozen & Dried Food
Cheese & Yogurt
Other Instant Food
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Keyword cheese , fast food , frozen food , sweet potato Unit Size -
Brand name - Unit Weigh 400 g
origin South Korea Stock -
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Product Information


The world's best Sweet Potato & Mozzarella cheese sticks!


Creamy & golden sweet potato filling wrapped with string cheese inside of battered sticks.


Delectable taste made by sweetness of sweet potato which goes well with dairy string cheese.


Nutritious homemade style snack for children. 


Great menu for side dish in any kinds of restaurant.


Fusion of two distinct cheeses, buttery mozzarella and fuller provolone.


Available in two preparation styles : frying and baking.


Serve with various dipping sauces, such as honey mustard, ranch, ketchup, or just on its own.


Ideal as a hot snack or a side dish at main meal at home or restaurant.


Quick & Easy to prepare.


Weight : 400 g ( 25 g X 16 ) / 1 kg (25 g X 40 )


Shelf life : 9 months


Storage : Keep frozen at - 18℃ (0℉) or cooler. If foods has thawed, do not refreeze. 


Cooking instructions :

Frying : 

1. Pour a sufficient amount of oil in a deep fryer and preheat to 170 - 180℃ (338- 356℉).

2. Place frozen sticks into the oil. Fry for 1.5 - 2 minutes. Shallow fryers may require turning the sticks several times.



: For convection ovens or conveyor ovens (pizza oven), bake frozen sticks for 4 - 5 minutes at 230℃ (446℉).



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DK Foods Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1997
Business type
Trading Company
Dae Kyung Khang
Product Category
Frozen & Dried Food,Snacks,Other Foods
Year Established
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Company introduction

 In 1997, when processed cheese was sweeping the Korean market, DK Foods Co., Ltd. brought out "Cheese sticks" developed by our own technology for the announcement of the company incorporation. 

Since DK Foods opened the “Natural Cheese Age” and advanced the diverse cheese culture presenting the Korean first cheese sticks to the market, DK Foods has been leading the fusion food industry developing the premium IQF(Individually Quick Frozen) microwavable soup in 2003 and commercializing canned lemonade in 2005 and keeps trying to stay in the leading position.

Also, DK Foods processes the imported cheese curd to make cheese sticks and other various products in our own plant in the country to sell them on domestic market and export them to abroad as well. We import foods and food ingredients over 10 million U$ a year from the 1st class suppliers only in the world.

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