engine coating treatment for all gasoline, diesel and LPG

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protech engine coating treatment
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    Top quality-Engine oil additive for more power and better performance !




    Protech is an anti-wear oil additive formulated from the finest products by our own blending technologies.

    When it is applied, is noted to protect further abrasion and friction on the vehicle's engine.

    It is designed from understanding the surface activity requirements of the best oil additive.

    Using with Engine oil Make your car engine newer than before.


    1) Protect Engine: Increasing the wear resistance15~30 times.

    2) Improve Performance: Increasing resistance to pressure  5~10 times.




    -Better for extreme condition. (Over-speeding, Long distances)

    -Noise-reducing by putting into manual transmission and   differential gear box.

    -Increasing hydraulic effect when put into power oil and hydraulic oil.

    -Fuel saving up to 5%.

    -Extend the oil changing cycle up to 20,000Km.

    -Keeping the coating effect up to 30,000Km with 1time put.

    -More Effective when put into a new car or after boring.

    -Not contain PTFE materials, No Side Effect.






    Using with Engine oil Make your car engine newer than before.
    Put 8~13% of engine Oil volume.  (Put into the engine oil inlet.)   




    about manufacturer :

    DAELIM Enterprise


    The chemistry-professionalized company, founded in October 1994, has been proudly producing top-quality lubricants, automotive additives, and maintenance products.

    we pleasantly provide a variety of products for the appropriate automobile.
    We produce OEM for 3M, Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, and Korean Big marcket - Emart, Lotte mart, Home Plus.



    2020 Patent Acquisition!




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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lim Myung-soo

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      324-14, Misan-ding, Sihung-si, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Car Care Products

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      We established in Oct. 1994. Our company scale is not big but we are a manufacturer dealing with synthetic engine oil for long life as a specialized item what major companies can’t supply. We also produce engine coating, fuel additives, engine inside cleaner, high concentrated anti-freeze additive and viscosity promotion oil to maintain and repair cars using best materials under the strict quality control. Daelim Enterprise Company consists of a main office and a factory with employees has many practical experiences and acknowledges in this field. On Apr. 2, 1998, Korean Financial Times nominated Daelim to Promising Small Business Enterprise. Under “World best product only is the best way of best selling” all staffs are trying to best efforts to supply the best quality and service to customers.To produce the differential products with other engine oil, Daelim Enterprise Company imports the additives of Lubrizol and Gatway in USA and synthetic base from chemical additive companies in United Kingdom. Therefore, we blend the oils using their know-how and produce PROTECH as engine coating oil and PROSHOT as a fuel additive and MIRATEC as synthetic engine oil.PROTECH as engine coating oil makes soft engine, strong power, protection of engine inside and large output in local roads what have congested areas and curves. In case of old car, PROTECH reduces the smoke as an eco-friendly product.As special engine oil, MIRATECH has a special substance and so, it is excellent for anti-oxidant and anti-abrasion. If you use it in your car, you don’t need to exchange the engine oil frequently. Now you can exchange the engine oil after driving 50,000km. MIRATECH can solve the environment problems and save the cost od exchange of engine oil. .We hope you have a interest in our products in order to Daelim’s products can be the best in the worldwide.Thank you so much.Meung Soo, Lim/CEODaelim Enterprise Company

    • Main Product
      • fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

        fuel additive for gasoline and diesel

      • engine coating treatment for all gasoline_ diesel and LPG

        engine coating treatment for all gasoline, diesel and LPG

      • concentrated anti freeze and coolant additive

        concentrated anti freeze and coolant additive

      • 100_ full synthetic engine oil

        100% full synthetic engine oil

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