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    The Original LED Mask 


    Model : Deesse mask

    Effect : Acne, Scar treatment, Skin rejuvenation, Wound healing, Winkie care ...


    It has 3 types Mode for Skin

    Red : 630nm / 830nm (Wound Healing, Winkle Care, Blood Circulation...)

    Blue : 415nm / 830nm (Acne Alleviation, Scar Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation...)

    Pink : 630nm / 415nm / 830nm (Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory activities...)


    Add to special Function


    That is "Low frequency Function"

    It effect the vessel (Capillary)




    3 ways of revolutionary anti-aging in one remarkable system synergistically transform
    and rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful appearance.


    Existing high power LED beam therapy sometimes may produce problems
    such as excessive glare and a low-temperature in order to reduce the loss of output
    (due to the distance to the skin). On the other hand, DEESSE mask can deliver the more energy

    per area (as it is face shaped) by irradiating low-power beam rays to the skin effectively
    and closely. In particular, 415nm Blue rays of the short-wavelength has more advantage
    for the effectiveness

    - Light weight and easy to move and carry
    - Reasonable price compared to existing LED
    - Possible to irradiate closer to the skin compared to the high-power LED
    while not having to worry about burns.

    - 415nm: Acne, Antimicrobial effect
    - 630nm : Post care of laser or MTS treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Brightening, Acne scars
    and scar improvement along with promotion of cell proliferation (bring collagen of epidermis)
    - 830nm : Wound healing, Pain relief, Cell regeneration, Anti-inflammatory activities
    DEESSE Beauty System
      Mode 1: LED 630nm/830nm
    - Wound Healing ? Winkle Care ? Post Laser Treatment ? Pain Relief ? Blood Circulation

     Mode 2: LED 415nm/830nm
    -  Acne  Alleviation ? Scar Treatment ? Skin Rejuvenation ? Sebum Excretion Control

      Mode 3: LED 630nm/415nm/830nm
    -  Total  Care  System 





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    7 GL Holdings

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      Yoo Kwang Wan

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      #319 Mffice bldg, #70 naruteoro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      GL Holdings is medical corporation.

      GL Holdings is work on product planning and develop of medical supplies and device

      Product consulting and OEM

      We Hosted a number of academy seminar



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