UV Nail Lamp, UV Lamp For Nails, Nail Polish Dryer, UV Light

UV Nail Lamp, UV Lamp For Nails, Nail Polish Dryer, UV Light

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uv lamp, uv light, nail polish dryer, uv nail lamp
Nail Equipments
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Guangzhou Athena Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2008
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UV Nail Lamp, UV Lamp For Nails, Nail Polish Dryer, UV Light
LED Nail Lamp, UV Light For Nails

Model No: 36W Nail Art LED CCFL UV Lamp Nail Dryer Polish Tools
1. Introduction:
The curing lamp can be used for drying gel on the finger nails and the toe nails, especially for curing gel nail and UV top coats. Environment protection: use of LED light, non-harmful substances to human body. Energy saving: low heat emission. The lamp has timing function. (Three adjustable timers) Removable reflective panel for toe nails. Special design for comfort, easy to carry and store. Diamond shaped and sparkling case design make it more fashionable. Light weight, small size, convenient operation, quick and flexible switch, long life makes it so popular around the world.
2. Specification Details :                      
Color: Red, Blue, Black, White, Rose, Pink
Size: 19.5x18.4x9.8cm
48W is available



Guangzhou Athena Technology Co., Ltd (China)

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Guangzhou Athena Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
China China / 2008
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Yongtai Industrial Zone, Baiyun, Guangzhou, China
Product Category
Beauty Equipment
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Guangzhou Athena Technology Co., Ltd (China) has been designing and manufacturing beauty machines since 2008. We maintain strict standard in production, design, hard & soft ware debugging, product assembly, test and packing methods. Athena takes emphasis on products' function and quality by Quality management system IS9001, and so far we've been successfully established OEM relationships with many domestic and overseas companies.

We focus on Beauty Machine, Salon Machine Wholesale, Beauty Equipment, Salon Nail Beauty, BIO Machine, Ultrasonic Instrument, Radio Frequency Machine, RF Equipment, IPL Machine, Body Slimming Machine, Breast Enhancement Machine, Liposuction Machine, Laser Tattoo Device, Hair Remove, Diamond Dermabrasion Appliance, Crystal Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Beauty Machine, Beauty Instruments, UV Nail Lamp, Nail Polish Dryer, Derma Roller, Microneedle, Dermaroller.

Guangzhou Athena Technology Co., Ltd
Address: Yongtai Industrial Zone, Baiyun, Guangzhou, China
Postal Code: 510430 Contact: Mr. Joe
AthenaBeautyMachine.com / VaneyBeauty.com


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