Access Floor, OA Floor

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access floor, raised floor, mineral panel, calcium sulfate board,
Aluminum Composite Panels

7 Won Kwang TFS CO LTD.

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    South Korea South Korea

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    • DUNS
    Product name Access Floor, OA Floor Certification -
    Category Aluminum Composite Panels Ingredients -
    Keyword access floor , raised floor , mineral panel , calcium sulfate board Unit Size 600.0 * 28.0 * 600.0 mm
    Brand name WKM Unit Weigh 500 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code -
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    ModelSpecTypeWeightConcentrateLaodFinish Tile/sheet
    WKM600 x 600 x 30mmSP16kg/PCS500kgf(4.9kn) Conductive Tile
    Homogeneous Tile
    Hard Wood, Stone
    Deluxe Tile
    GI Sheet, AL Sheet
    HPL, LPM
    Rubber Tile, Sheet
    B2B Trade
    Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation -
    MOQ Negotiable Leadtime Negotiable
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    7 Won Kwang TFS CO LTD.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Kyung Ho, Yoo

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      Aluminum Composite Panels,Flooring & Accessories

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      * Welcome to Wonkwang!

      Today, the industrial environment is changing as a business environment that utilizes a high-density communications and information processing, advanced indust and rial equipment. To keep pace with these changes, varies of field such as commercial office space, training, education, production and residential environment requires a double flooring (Access Floor System) in all areas of industry.
      Access Floor, in order to meet the users' needs, it is not only enables variety of wiring system and efficient space utilization, but also satisfied in affordability, safety in the future system expansion and capacity with ease that you can easily change to fully resolve all of the necessary requirements.
      TFS co., ltd. is producing the highest quality products based on the KS certification, quality control techniques and experience of a double celebration flooring professional manufacturer which established in 1998. We have variety of field experience in domestic and recognition of excellence in quality, therefore we currently exports to 20 countries overseas.
      In the future, we will further concentrate on research and development to create the best products and to keep pace with the future generation of high-tech information.

    • Main Markets
      • Afghanistan Afghanistan
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
      • Malaysia Malaysia
      • Philippines Philippines
      • Singapore Singapore
      • Thailand Thailand
      • Taiwan Taiwan
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
    • Main Product
      • Calcium Sulfate Board

        Calcium Sulfate Board

      • Access Floor_ OA Floor

        Access Floor, OA Floor

      • HDF Wood Core Panel

        HDF Wood Core Panel

      • Wood Core Panel

        Wood Core Panel

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