Ceramic coating Pot

Ceramic coating Pot

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MooAh Networks Co.,Ltd.

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South Korea South Korea / 2012
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Ceramic coating Pot


- Feature

 · Eco-friendly ceramic coating is harmless to humans.

 ·  Non-stick ‘Yalo’ pot is coated by ceramic material within and without, which makes easy washing
 · It’s made by aluminum material which has fast heat conductivity. So it can be helpful to reduce fuel consumption and cooking time.

 · PTFE is not inclusive because it’s coated with ceramic material. It safe product without PFOA is harmful
substance. And it has good feature as follow easy washing and strong oncorrosion.


- Size

 · 20cm two handle Pot

 · 24cm two handle Pot


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 Yalo Ceramic coating Pot












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editorimg  editorimg  editorimg





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MooAh Networks Co.,Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2012
Business type
Byeongil So
81, 183 Road, Seoam Avenue, Tongjin eup, Gimpo city, Gyeonggido
Product Category
Cookware & Cooking Tools
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We are a manufacturer who is called MooAh Networks Co., Ltd. in Korea. We have been producing kitchen utensils which can help for sanitation or cleanliness on table. These days, silicone material is very famous for eco-friendly materials. So we used that material to make kitchen utensil for cleanliness on the table. We are developing good design patterns as well as high qualities of goods. There are Design silicone table mats, cutlery rest, and we are developing costars.

Our company established 2012 when it was established, our goods recognized as good quality so we could get investment from small & medium business administration in Korea.

We sell our products both online and offline in Korea. And we sell it to foreign online market like Japan, Singapore as well. 


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