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foundation pact, double cushion, bb cream pact, base &cover
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South Korea South Korea / 2008
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Product name MAKEUP HELPER DOUBLE CUSHION Certification -
Category Liquid Foundation
Other Makeup
Ingredients -
Keyword foundation pact , double cushion , bb cream pact , base &cover Unit Size 9.0 * 9.0 * 3.0 cm
Brand name DSBKOREA, MAKEUP HELPER Unit Weigh 24 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 3304992000

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Makeup Helper, a cushion made only for yourself
Today unique beauty is respected. We all have skin condition, type, preference, and style, so why do we have to use the same cushion? Makeup Helpers Double Cushion started from this very question. If you want a cushion pact just for yourself, not for everyone else. The answer is Makeup Helper’s Double Cushion.

A cushion pact craze in Korea is becoming a global trend.
- What is a cushion pact? It is a type of cosmetics with a built-in sponge that has foundation so that users don’t have to use their fingertips to apply foundation.
- Very easy to fix make-up and to carry around
It is very easy and simple to use the product as multiple features are in one product, and of course, its coverage is excellent while the make-up firmly stays on skin for a long time.
STEP 1 Choosing a cushion that fits to your skin type out of 4 options
*If you have extreme dry skin and feel tightness even in the summer Golden Silk Double Cushion
It contains 33% of golden silkworm extract, providing moisture deep inside the skin.

*If you have medium dry skin and your makeup is not blended well into the skinHoney Blossom Double Cushion
Formulated with 33% of honey, effective in skin moisturizing, and 11% of rosa damascena flower water, it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the whole day.

*If you have combination skin with dry U-zone and oily T-zone Calendula Blossom Double Cushion
Infused with calendula that helps shrink pores and moisturized the skin, it moisturizes skin inside while softens skin surface.

*If you have oily skin so your makeup wears off easily
Green Tea Blossom Double Cushion
You can experience soft skin as it is made with green tea and tea tree.

STEP 2 Find a color suited to your skin among 5 colors
If you have yellow skin and want to make your skin vibrant with a bright pink color ⇨ No. 21 Light Pink
If you have red skin and want to make your skin appear vibrant with a bright beige ⇨ No. 21 Natural Beige
If you have regular yellow skin and make your skin look natural ⇨ No. 22 Pink Beige
If you have regular red skin and make your skin look natural ⇨ No. 22 Nude Beige  
If you want to make your face look calm and natural ⇨ No. 23 Natural Beige

The charming points of Makeup Helper Double Cushion
1. It boasts a large quantity of 23g that can be compared to other products with an average quantity around 13-15g. Plus, it includes a big and thick puff with 7cm in diameter, eliminating convenience of long makeup caused when using a small puff.
2. If offers 4 type and 5 color products to choose from depending on user’s skin type, allowing users to select among 20 different products.
3. Formulated with low-irritation ingredients, including rosa damascena flower water, honey, calendula water, green tea water, tea tree leaf water, and golden silkworm extract, it functions to make the skin healthy and smooth without irritation
4. This brilliant product is approved as a triple functional cosmetic as it has whitening, wrinkle reduction and UV protection effects with SPF50+/PA+++.
5. Makeup Helper offers 70 stylish products created by the collaboration of our artists. 100 or more products are in the pipeline, so complete your own distinctive style with our uniquely designed products.
1.Directions for the effective use of makeup helper double cushion
2.Apply contents of the double cushion on the puff.
3.Fold the puff in half to evenly distribute contents on puff.
4.Spread on face using the puff.
5.When there is too much content on puff, dab in the order of forehead, cheeks, and chin for even spread on skin.

Make sure to fully read and understand the directions and precautions before use. 





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2008
Business type



1115 Kumgang Penterium IT Tower, 282 Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Cushion Foundation,Facial Care,Makeup
Year Established
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Company introduction

Established in 2008, We are specialized in skin care production in the areas of biotechnology and cosmeceutical and well known for close relationship and service to all over the cosmetic market. Our high quailty cosmetics have received good reputation through domestic and oversea cosmetic market. Especially in the Chinese market where the Korean cosmetics wave is sweeping, we are promoting the excellence of Korean made cosmetic products ranked with other famous imported brands equally by selling them through department stores and large brand chain stores.  All cosmetic products from DSB are manufactured for export only. Our products are manufactured by the companies only approved by CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) such as Kolmar Korea, Cosmax, HnG Cosmetics, etc. and increasing their reputation and marketability as an export commodity.


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