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Tera Beauty Shoes

By Sillkys

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health & beauty , beauty shoes , tera gas grenade , prevent slipping
Place of Origin
South Korea

80.0 * 50.0 * 220.0 mm
200 g
Payment Terms

10 Seokwang Co.


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 31.58%

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Product Information


Tera mask is made by mixing the rare earth material is a natural mineral Tera silicon.
Tera mask is the far-infrared emission is 89.4%, 90% or more antibacterial also emerges

Slip prevention in the home.
To a comfortable fit and good to help moisturize the feet.
Remove dead skin feet in winter and there is a protective effect.
Warm the feet comfortable to wear, it gives maintain moisture.
Apply a nourishing cream or moisturizing cream to give watched gives more moist.
A wave of Terra Terra gives to stabilize an unstable mineral in the human body bioelectrical.

The winter remove dead skin cells and prevention of foot and good to the mounting yomgam helps moisturize the feet, especially the slip prevention effect may be in the house more than a middle-aged ladies.