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Heat Pack, Heating Pack

By Walking Cook

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heat pack , portable cooker , caming cook , jet boil
Place of Origin
South Korea

120.0 * 0.0 * 170.0 cm
80 g
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Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level1

Response Rate 50%

Main products Camping Cook Kit
Heat Pack, Heating Pack
stainless vacuum container, kitchen utensils, storage

Product Information

When you head out on a camping trip, you may not need to bring a stove or liquid fuel along with you. Instead, Threestar Korea has created a Flameless & Steamless cooking system that not only makes meal preparation easy, but also enables you to cook inside your tent or even in your vehicle without having to worry about deadly CO emissions. Our Walking Cook is a self-contained, water activated cooking unit that heats up both wet and dry foods. When covered in water, heat packs inside the cooking container reach an average temperature of up to 90C, cooking your food or heating water for coffee in a matter of minutes. The heat packs most likely contain either charcoal or magnesium sulfate. When these chemicals are mixed with water, an exothermic reaction occurs giving off loads of heat. The heat packs can only be used once, so you will need to bring enough along for the required number of meals on your trip