ATO N O2 Oxygen Pure Bath   Shampoo

ATO N O2 Oxygen Pure Bath Shampoo

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baby bath, baby skin care, baby shampoo, baby body care,
Shower Gel , Shampoo
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ANC Corporation

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Mar 17, 2023
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
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Busan Expo 2022
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Product name ATO N O2 Oxygen Pure Bath Shampoo Certification -
Category Shower Gel
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Product Information

ATO N O2 Oxygen Pure Bath & Shampoo 300g


1) Water balance (Skin protection):Use Cypress leaves extract, Shea butter and other plant components make the dry and rough skin becomes moisture balance.

2) Vegetable Materials (Low stimulating ingredients): Use centella asiatica extract, green tea extract, oregano vegetable materials such as the use of natural ingredients for sensitive skin.

3) Oxygen added (More moist): Made to be pushed to the intense pressure of oxygen cultivate a dry and sensitive skin moist and smooth skin.


What is “Oxygen Water”?
Oxygen water use pressure approach with a strong push into the product, the Oxygen content of the product increases, so skin feel more relaxed, more elastic skin is formed.

Oxygen O2 Layer
Oxygen layer is the protective layer of healthy skin, with ATONO2 special process Oxygen Beta Formula HQK-II, give the skin continuous protection, make dry and sensitive skin more elastic.

Now, you can try ATONO2 which add oxygen water!
Oxygen water is used by ATONO2 been to FDA approved materials, making the skin more moist.

Using ECO Cert materials
Issued more than 95% natural ingredients and contain 5% or more organic ingredients in the product.

Parabens, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, PEG surfactants, triethanolamine, ethanol, selpeo Et, pigments, taekkeu, spices, etc.

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ANC Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2009
Recent Visit
Mar 17, 2023
Business type

Exhibition 1

Busan Expo 2022


Jon Cha
Yutongdanji 1-ro,210-217 T-Plex 50, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
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Beauty Equipment,Facial Care,Hair Care,Packaging Machines,Woodworking Machinery
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The Company for Better Beauty and Care!

Advanced Natural Cosmetics.

Skin, Body & Hair Care / Makeup Cosmetics.

OEM/ODM Cosmetics Production / R&D Cosmetics.

ANC Corporation is a specialized company for skin care, makeup, hair care and OEM/ODM cosmetics. ANC is doing the best to realize its dream of becoming the global leading company in beauty and care industry.

Total Consulting for Brands/Products Development

ONE-STOP Service from Product Planning to Production & Delivery OEM/ODM Production for High Quality-Products 

The Best Solution for High Efficiency in Brand Development


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Body Care: Wash, Cleanser, Lotion, Cream, Hand Cream, Foot Cream and etc.


Hair Care: Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioner, Treatment, Essence and etc.



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