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14 Dilli Co., Ltd.

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    Digital Label Press - NEO MERCURY


    Digital label press - NEO MERCURY:

    *Bringing profitability to your business with Dilli's latest digital label press.
    - Dilli’s Neo-Mercury provides your business with the choices it needs for high-quality digital label printing. Short and medium run printing of a variety of label jobs and digital production save times and labor cost.
    - Digital Label Printer, NEO MERCURY, will increase your flexibility by offering new services and at the same time drive your costs down.
    - Digital printing doesn’t need plates and lead-time, and its changeovers and just-in-time production make it ideal for short, medium-run label production.


    • Web Width
      - Neo Mercury is available in 2 print widths and it can handle various job sizes:
      - NM-210W with print width up to 216mm
      - NM-350W with print width up to 324mm

    • Resolution
      - Neo Mercury label press features photo-realistic image quality, with the max print resolution of 600*1200 dpi.

    • Color Expression
      - Dilli’s UV Inkjet printer offers a whole new range of color configurations to cover the majority of requested label printing applications. (CMYK+W)
      - Printed by Dilli original Neo Rip S/W and ICC profile.

    • Special Function
      - Media Pre-treatment: Corona Discharge Treatment (CDT) allows wider substrate compatibility while Web Cleaning Systems and Ionization Bar remove dust and static from media for ideal media preparation.
      - Web Handling: Dual Auto Tension System and Dual Web Guide System provide stable web transport to get perfectly registered prints.
      - Variable Data Print(VDP): Optional VDP to process variable data(Text, Graphic and Image) which makes NEO MERCURY a truly versatile digital label press.

    • Speed
      -Max speed 50m/min for label printing will increase your productivity

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    14 Dilli Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Choi Geunsu

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      30, Gangbyeon-ro 702beon-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Digital Printers

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