ECO Hi-Ball Power Clean for Dishwasher

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    Product name ECO Hi-Ball Power Clean for Dishwasher Certification FDA , CE
    Category Dish Washers & Sterilizers Ingredients -
    Keyword cleaning ball , detergent cleaning solutions , dish detergent , dishwasher detergent Unit Size 200.0 * 30.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name Eco Hi-Ball Unit Weigh 380 g
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    Supply type - HS code 6912009000
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    ECO Hi-Ball for Dish-washer


     Product descrition


    The Eco Hi Ball Power Clean for Dishwashers is the perfect alternative to dishwashing detergents containing harmful chemicals. It is effective, cleansing, and environmentally friendly. It acts just like other detergents by oxidizing the water for maximum clean, without the side effects of unnatural chemicals. It keeps the dishwasher and drain from rusting, cleans dishes of tough grease and stains, purifies the water, keeping your family healthy and safe. It also saves you lots of money! One Eco Hi Ball lasts for 1000 washes! That’s close to 3 years if used everyday. Think of all of the money you will save!


    • Water Molecule Activation: Turn regular tap water into an ultra-cleaning solution by naturally increasing the ionization in molecules. Ceramic balls inside the cleaning disc give your dishes a better clean by reducing water viscosity without using any chemical.
    • Natural Detergent Effect: Water oxidization creates a natural detergent effect, freeing you from needing soap and detergent. No need for additional chemical powders or liquids, let your water do all the work.
    • Disinfection and Purification: The Eco Hi-Ball cleaning disc purifies water from harmful chemicals, water scale, mould, bacteria, and dirty odours, keeping your dishwasher shiny and clean. The water scale remover also prevents metal corrosion, thereby extending your dishwasher's life.
    • Environmentally Friendly and Safe: Dishwashing using the disc is safer for your health by reducing amount of chemical residue left on plates. No detergent also means no more harmful chemicals going down the drain and into the ocean. Just clean and reuse the disc as needed, Moreover You can save money around 10times than using normal detergent.
    • Simple to Use and Clean: Place the Eco Hi-Ball into your dishwasher rack, just like a plate. Re-use as many times as you'd like, and air dry every 2 weeks for best performance. No more buying detergent.


       * The Natural Dish Cleaning Method 

             The organic Eco Hi-Ball washing disc is the ultimate, 100% environmentally friendly way to
             clean your dishes. No harmful detergent or chemicals. The Eco Hi-Ball purifies water and
             removes food remains on your dishes through the power of oxidizing your water.

       * The Environmentally Friendly Choice

             When the wastewater reaches your local wastewater facility, most of them are not equipped to
             deal with the large number of chemicals found in most conventional toxic cleaning products.
             Help reduce the amount of detergent chemicals going into the ocean.

       * Healthier Than Using Soap 

             The Eco Hi-Ball for dishwasher keeps your dishes clean and removes soap scum without the
             use of chemicals. Protect your family’s health by killing 99.9% of germs while removing food
             remains that otherwise might linger on your dishes. Ditch the harmful chemicals and reduce 
             the amount of soap chemical on your dishes and food.

       * Saving You Money 

             The Eco Hi-Ball is the most economical   way to clean your dishes. No more buying detergent
             every month. Start saving the money you would otherwise spend on detergent, bleaches,
             dishwashing liquids or other chemicals, all while keeping your dishes squeaky clean, sanitized
             and deodorized. Certified fresh!
      * How it Works 
    1. Ceramic pearls inside the disc naturally increase ionization. The resulting oxidizing effect of Eco Hi-Ball works like detergent by making the water molecule cluster smaller, naturally reducing the viscosity of water.
    2. Reducing the viscosity your tap water turns ordinary tap water into a powerful, cleaning solution.  The result? Removing chemical residues such as detergents and chlorine not only from the water but also from your dishes.

      * Increasing Your Dishwasher Lifetime Value

           The Eco Hi-Ball disc also keeps your dishwasher clean by removing scales, bacteria, moulds
           and prevents it from rusting. Keep your dishwasher working like new by reducing the amount of
           chemicals that pass through its system. 


      * How to Use

    1. Just place the eco disc in your dish rack, like any other plate. Now, run your dishwasher as per usual. You're all set! You don't even need to remove the eco-disc after use. Leave it in the dishwasher, ready for its next use.
    2. And it's easy to maintain. For best performance of the eco cleaning disk, rinse the Eco Hi-Ball in the running water for 1 minute and then let it dry in direct sunlight for 2 hours. Repeat the process every couple of weeks.   
    • Size: 200mm x 16mm                        
    • Weight: 380g
    • Material: Heat-resistant PP             
    • Shape: Circular Disc
    • Components: Ceramic Balls

    Important care instructions: Dry “ Eco HI-Ball “ in direct sunlight, Preferably outside, once every 2 weeks to release the odors and enhance the bio-ceramics performance for continue use.

    Warning: When you put glassware or spoons, forks, knives made out of metals in the sink for a long time (a day or two), then there will be water stain/dirt on those glassware and utensils due to grease/oil left on plates or juice residue on cups. Also, wipe out fingerprints or lipstick residue with sponge so plates can be washed clean.



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    14 DaeEun Global Solution Co Ltd

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      DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. has been working earnestly to realize its management philosophy of “customer satisfaction through the best products and service” ever since its foundation. In the 21st century, it has been working with the belief that the best quality and service based on originality and challenge spirit deserve the true validation.


      DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. wishes to protect family’s health and the environment through its technology and product development.


      The most important POINT of DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd.’s technology is how to make eco-friendly products and to make products that preserve users’ well being.


      DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. will continue to develop technologies and products that will provide healthier future for the world and next generation. It will become an excellent company through its strict professionalism and competitiveness.



      Company Introduction


      DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. is a company that develops products that will protect environment and will substitute detergent and reduce and remove any harmful substances that occur from using detergent.


      The world’s first product for dishwasher that allows dish washing without detergent called Eco Hi-Ball for Dishwasher, Eco Hi-Ball for Laundry that washes clothes and product called Cook Stone that allows to make fried food such as French fries, pork cutlet, fried chicken with reduced HNE and the amount of cooking oil along with reducing the cooking time in half are all products of DaeEun Global Solutions Co., Ltd.


      Currently, DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification along with “FDA” from America and “CE” from Europe. With the certification of eco-friendly products, it is supplying to QVC in America, TF1 in France, EDECA, AMAZON in Germany and Australia.


      DaeEun Global Solution Co., Ltd. is a company that seeks for the best customer satisfaction through better products and supplies of health-aware and eco-friendly products.


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    • Verified Certificate FDA CE
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