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3 finer lifting tools

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Moving dollies skates operation and manual instruciton
Heavy duty load moving skates also know as rigger skates, moving dollies, load moving skates, machinery movers, transport skates, cargo trolley and so on names. 
Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD provided professional lifting and moving equipment for industries for more than 20 years with capacity can reach to more than 4000 tons. 
Moving dollies skates is one kind of moving and handling tools applied machinery moving, power plants, large machiens installations and so on areas. 
Steerable machinery skates provide a stable three point solution for effortless moving of all kinds of heavy loads in many industrial areas. 
Machinery movers can go straight, can change direction, can with steel wheels, nylon wheels, and polyurethane wheels and demand. 
Moving skat