Mr.Everything All-in-One Charging, Power Speaker Station

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    Mr.Everything All-in-One Charging, Power & Speaker Station


    Compact concert hall at your fingertips
    Designed by a European company with 90 years of acoustic history, our full range twin drivers and a passive bass radiator sound system will allow you to enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard! Bluetooth pairing has never been easier with NFC touch-to-pair technology that allows pairing with a single touch. With HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP Bluetooth profile support and a 3.5mm AUX-In port, you can easily connect to any device without losing valuable sound quality.

    Monster powerhouse with unprecedented charging
    Mr. Everything’s monster powerhouse consists of a high-density 26800 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery that allows simultaneous charging of up to 6 devices. With its high voltage output, the power bank is powerful enough to even jumpstart a dead car battery through the car’s cigarette lighter port! The portable power supply and charging station has a massive capacity with the ability to charge an iPhone 6 up to 15 times, MacBook up to 2 times, provide 33 hours of music play, and 100 hours of LED Lighting!

    Bring life to any device through multifaceted charging
    Lose a cable and charge your devices wirelessly through a built-in Qi wireless charger! Have friends coming over? 4 inlaid USB ports will allow everyone to charge their devices without a worry. Is your laptop showing a low battery or are you having a problem with a dead car battery? Built-in AC outlet and DC out port charges your everyday devices as well as your car! A true powerhouse charger very befitting of its name ‘Mr. Everything’

    Illuminate your night
    Stay prepared with up to 100 hours of brilliant LED lighting! Whether you’re living it up at a party with RGB color-changing LED consisting of up to 16 million color combinations, cozying up before bed with warm, ambient dimmable lighting, or facing an emergency or natural disaster with the radiant flashlight, Mr. Everything will provide up to 100 hours of LED lighting to adapt to any setting!

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    8 IDOLINK co.,Ltd

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