Nescafe gold, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Instant Coffee 200g

Nescafe gold, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Instant Coffee 200g

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ground coffee powder, instant coffee, instant coffee 3 in 1, instant coffee bulk,
Coffee & Tea , Ground Coffee , Instant Coffee
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Country / Year Established
Netherland Netherland / 2009
Business type
Trading Company
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Product name Nescafe gold, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Instant Coffee 200g Certification -
Category Coffee & Tea
Ground Coffee
Instant Coffee
Ingredients -
Keyword ground coffee powder , instant coffee , instant coffee 3 in 1 , instant coffee bulk Unit Size -
Brand name Nescafe Unit Weigh 200 g
origin Brazil,Indonesia,Italy Stock -
Supply type - HS code -

Product Information


We can provide you the whole range of Nescafe on a competitive prices.

Nescafe Gold 200g Glass Jar 
Logistic: 6 pcs/crt

Full expiry date 

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
Netherland Netherland / 2009
Business type
Trading Company


Pieterse, Cornelis Johannis
Product Category
Baby Food,Beer,Chocolate,Milk Powder,Water
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction


R&R ACTIONTRADE V.O.F. is a rapid growing Dutch trading company with headquarters in Netherlands and warehouses within the Netherlands. We are focused on customer satisfaction through quality products and customer service, ensuring supply reliability.

You can be certain that the products we offer are 100% genuine. We source and supply high quality diary, confectionery, food and beverage products from genuine producers and manufacturer from the Netherlands and abroad. We supply world's biggest brands like: Ariel, Persil, Vizir, Bonux, Softlan, Pampers, Always, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Lipton, Red Bull, Milka , Snickers, Kinder Bueno, Twix, Nutella, Toffifee Merci, Kit Kat, Cronat Gold, Nescafe, Ajax, Head & Shoulders, Dove, Kelloggs, etc.

Our company maintains strong and trusted relationships with our suppliers and has access to their best value products.


Due to professional and efficient organization of logistics, our warehouses are always full. Moreover, each order is delivered on time, regardless the destination address.



The main range of our business activity is distribution of FMCG products including confectionery, dairy products, energy drink, soft drinks, beer, beverages, baby products, toiletries , meat and poultry products. We supply distributors and wholesalers all over the world with branded products from well-known producers such as: P&G, Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, Cusson, Cadbury Wedel, Ferrero, Kraft Food, Bestfood, Masterfood, Nestle and renowned Dutch and European companies.



We cooperate with manufacturers of well-known brands and distribute unique and genuine products.


We monitor international market to make sure our prices are always competitive for our customers.


We offer friendly and professional service and counseling of qualified team of multi-language traders. We win over trading partners with our reliability, quality, flexibility, and fast service.


Product/Service: Ferrero, Ferrero Hanuta, Ferrero Nutella, Ferrero Kinder Surprise, Duplo, Oreo, Milka,Lindt, Toblerone, Nestle, Mars Ice Cream, Nescafé Gold,Nescafe Granules Original ,Nesquik,Nutella,Snickers,Snickers,Splenda,Twix Multipack,johnsons baby wipes,pampers baby diapers,Baby Milk,Cow & Gate,NUTRILON,Friso, Milupa,Aptamil,SMA,Soft Drinks,Coca-cola,Fanta,Sprite,7UP,Pepsi, Capri Sonne ,evian mineral water, Lucozade Original Energy Drink , Redbull , Volvic, Heineken,Heinz Beans,Heinz Ketchup,Mayonnaise,Nescafé Gold,Nescafe Granules Original ,Maxwell House Mild Coffee,jacobs kronung ground coffee.


Main Markets

U.A.E. U.A.E.

China China

Spain Spain

Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

Lebanon Lebanon

Libya Libya

Nepal Nepal

Poland Poland

Russia Russia


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