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Product Thumnail Image

7 Habalan Med Beauty Co Ltd


Country South Korea South Korea

Supplier Grade level3

Response Rate 37.97%

Main products Sonic Pore Cleanser - PO Bling
Whitening Care (Poya Aga)
Miity 2
Self-Type RF System (Poya SM)

Product Information

Miity 2


Miity 2 hot & cold massager is easy to use and portable device.
It helps to keep moisturized and balanced skin with the functions sch as Ion massage, Iontophoresis, Vibrations and LED light therapy.
Thermal massage with Iontophoresis enlarges pores for cosmetics absorption and skin rejuvenation at the same time.
(Iontophoresis + thermal + vibration + red light therapy)
Litfing and cold massage relieves swelling and tighten pores to keep skin elasticity with acne care at the same time.
(Ion massage+ cold vibration + blue light therapy)