Free yard fabric_313 Flower bed : full bloom

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cotton fabric, home fabric, design fabric, dailylike,
100% Cotton Fabric , Curtain & Sofa Fabric , Other Fabric , Cushion & Cushion Cover , Sofa & Chair Cover

10 E2 Collection Co.,Ltd

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    Product name Free yard fabric_313 Flower bed : full bloom Certification -
    Category 100% Cotton Fabric
    Curtain & Sofa Fabric
    Other Fabric
    Cushion & Cushion Cover
    Sofa & Chair Cover
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    Keyword cotton fabric , home fabric , design fabric , dailylike Unit Size 110.0 * 0.0 * 0.0 cm
    Brand name Dailylike Unit Weigh 109 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 520852
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    [Printed Fabric - Flower bed : Full bloom


    Fabric is non adhesive textile that enables you to make anything by sewing. You can make gloves, aprons, table sheet and anything. Try to make the only one special for you with this.

    It is possible for you to order any size as much as you want.


    - Material : Cotton100% / C20

    - Size : Various from 1Y to over 10Y / w. 1100mm x free yard

    - Design by Dailylike



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    10 E2 Collection Co.,Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee, Chang-man / Lee, Yong-cheol

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      #506, ICT Park-3, 2139, Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, Korea

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      Other Gifts & Crafts,Other Home Textile

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      Since it was established in 2005, E2 Collection Co.,Ltd has grown up to a total life style brand with starting of scrapbooking, stationery, sewing and expanding of products category to living from 2013 by its own designs.

      At present, we have 2 direct shops in Seoul and Daegu, Korea and totally over 1,500 on-offline partners over the world. You can also meet our brand in the main department chains including Lotte, Hyundai and AK in Korea.

      From the beginning of Paperworld in Frankfurt 2011, we've participated in various international exhibitions every year. We aim to provide more customers of the pleasure of daily life as to DIY with diverse designs and complete products.

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      • E2Collection Co.,Ltd
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      • Free yard fabric_313 Flower bed _ full bloom

        Free yard fabric_313 Flower bed : full bloom

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