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autoclave , boiler , pressure vessel
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2 ShanDong Tai’an Shan Kou Boiler group Co., Ltd

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Main products Autoclave
stainless steel storage tank or aluminum tank
Rapid reaction tank
SZL-series packaged water-tube boiler

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 Autoclave is also called steam-rest tank, is a large volume, heavy pressure vessel. Autoclave is widely used in aerated concrete block, concrete, brick, fly ash bricks, micro porous calcium silicate board, heat preservation asbestos board, high strength gypsum and other building materials autoclave curing. At the same time is also widely used in rubber products, wood drying and preservative treatment , coal, oil seepage brick penetration with glass steam-cured, chemical products of high pressure processing, canned food high pressure processing, pulp cooking, cable vulcanization, fishing net forming and chemical, medicine, aerospace industry and other required pressure steam curing process the production of the project. The company also can be manufactured according to user requirements of various forms of autoclave, in order to meet the needs of users of various purposes.